(Video) Paying It Forward Gone Wrong: Guy Gets Pissed After He Sees The Receipt

So this is what happens after you want to be good Samaritan, huh? Someone pays for this guy’s food so he decides to do the same for the people right after him. But that doesn’t work out to well for him. Let’s just say, the bill wasn’t in the same ballpark as his. Hit the jump to see his hilarious reaction.

(Photos + Video) Fast Food Workers Demand More Money NOW!

In recent news fast food workers are still demanding that their pay be raised to $15 an hour. The fight for a wage increase for fast food workers continued on Tuesday morning November 10th; workers across the nation walked away from drive-thru lines and took to the streets in protest. In metro Detroit, several gathered in front of Southfield City Hall in hopes of getting officials to listen up during this election season.

(Photos) Azealia Banks Goes Off On Americans For Consuming Huge Amounts Of Fast Food!

Dayum! Azealia Banks gave a harsh reality to Americans on Twitter. Read what she said after the jump…

Popeyes Spends $43 Million To Buy It’s Recipe?! What?!

Popeyes is the third largest fried chicken chain in the U.S. Recently they paid $43 million for the recipes owned by a Louisiana-based seasoning company! The thing is this is the same recipe they’ve already been using for years. So why did they have to pay so much money for it?

Uh Oh! Global Fast Food Strike, Workers Demand Minimum Wage To Be WHAT?!?!

From Philly to New York City, to Boston and North Carolina, protesters have made it clear that they want a change. The change is in pay. Many of the fast food workers, if not all, are tired of dealing with the thought that $7.25/hr is enough to live off of. Hit the jump for their stories.

Fast Food Employees Dish On The #1Item You Should Never Order From These Establishments!

The latest Reddit questionnaire will make you rethink the guilty midnight or occasional indulgences you may dip into when say there’s a McDonald’s, Hot Dog Truck, or even my personal sinful treat Starbucks around! Fast Food employees and Restaurant workers have confessed to some of the worst things you could order from their work place, check out their responses below.

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