DOJ To Drop Case Against Apple With Possible Alternative Into Terrorist iPhone

The battle that’s been in the headlines with the fate of ‘our privacy’ in the balance may have just come to an abrupt end! Although it seemed as thought the Gov’t was doubling down on trying to get Apple to create a back door into the San Bernardino Terrorist’s iPhone, which Apple contended that would ‘open the door’ for other Gov’t to ask for the same thing, or IF a ‘backdoor’ was created it WOULD unavoidably be leaked online and ‘they’ could use it.

Subway Guy Jared Fogel Back In The Hot Seat After FBI Finds Texts Bragging About Sex With A 16 Year-Old Girl

Jared, the ‘Subway Diet’ guy’s home was raided a month ago while the FBI searched for child pornography. The feds turned up nothing at the time but the damage was done and Subway dropped Jared from their brand. Clearly, that was the smart choice because upon further investigations the FBI turned up text messages between Fogel and a friend, bragging about him having sex with a 16 year-old girl! Read more below.

Donald Trump Calls FBI Over Death Treats From El Chapo’s Son

Donald Trump has brought in the Feds to investigate threats he has received by a man claiming to the son of escaped Mexian drug lord El Chapo. According to Trump he believes that a tweet posted by his son was a threat directed at him. Hit the jump for more details.

Feds Find Nothing In ‘Subway Guy’ Jared Fogel’s Home After Child Pornography Raid

The ‘Subway Diet’ guy Jared Fogel has been in the news for the past few days after the FBI raided his home searching for child pornography. The raid occurred just two months after the director of Fogel’s Jared Foundation was arrested on charges of child porn. Jared, however is walking free right now because according to his camp they FBI have nothing on him. Read more below.

FBI: Dylann Roof Should Never Had Been Cleared To Purchase Gun

According a report released by the FBI, Dylann Roof, the man who killed nine people as the prayed in a Charleston, SC church, should never had been cleared to purchase a gun. Earlier reports stated that a background check was done on Roof prior to the purchase but recent investigations have proved that it was not. Read more below.

(Photo) Tyga Is Teaming Up With The Feds To Find The Leaked Picture’s Source!

Uh Oh, Tyga wants the rumors to stop and his nude pictures to be erased! The rapper who has been today’s main topic of discussion about leaked nudes pictures between himself and a transgender porn star named Mia Isabella. Wants to find out exactly who the culprit is from the leaks by going straight to the feds! TMZ was told from Tyga’s legal team that they have contacted the FBI in hopes of tracking down the source of the image. Tyga’s attorney, Lee Hutton says,

“his client believes that the pictures were acquired either by hacking into the rapper’s phone or the phone of someone whom he intentionally shared the pictures.”

Representatives for Isabella (the transgender porn star) told TMZ that she had nothing to do with the story and that she is willing to work with Tyga and his attorneys in the FBI investigation. So it starts an investigation to find out who exactly leaked the text messages and nudes to the world. But the question still stands, is it true? Is Tyga messing around with Mia Isabella? Since she is joining forces with his team and her circle of friends knew about the affair maybe the rumor mill is true. Chantel.Ciera: Twitter Source

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