Lil Wayne Is In Even MORE Legal Trouble!

Rapper Lil Wayne is not having the best month ever from getting his sex tape leaked to constantly having to battle with legal issues. Now, he is in even MORE trouble. Weezy is being sued by his attorneys Garbett, Allen & Roza for $80K because they claim he owes them money from a legal case he lost.

NBA: That’s What You Get For Lying! Michael Jordan’s Alleged Baby Mama Fined!

If you ask me, this woman got off easy!  Back in March a woman named Pamela Smith alleged that Michael Jordan was the father of her son and wanted a paternity test done.  She ended up abruptly dropping her paternity lawsuit.  As many assumed, she was lying about Michael Jordan…and now she will have to pay.  I wonder if MJ will take any further action?! Details after the jump…

Telephone Company Ordered To Pay California How Much?!?

Ever wish bad karma on your phone company for hitting you with all those crazy fees?? If so, today’s your lucky day, check out which phone company is getting their dose of unpaid fees! Read more after jump

Airline Passenger Abandons Luggage To Avoid WHAT?!?!?

One Delta Airline passenger en route to New York’s JFK Airport decided to save a few bucks by abandoning a total of four bags to avoid an expensive fee. Doesn’t seem like too bad of an idea, but abandoned luggage doesn’t sit well with airport security. Hit the jump for more details.

Ludacris Sues For The Illegal Use of His Label Name “Disturbing The Peace”

Ludacris is suing Demetri and Donna Evans-Brown for illegally using his label name; Disturbing The Peace for audio equipment and recording. Since 2003 he’s owned the trademark of “DTP” as well as the title of his album named nothing other than “Disturbing the Peace” He is looking to collect for damages & attorney’s fees along with the word of the judge to force them to stop using “DTP” This is the second lawsuit that we’ve seen from affiliated with him in a short amount of time. The one before this being with “Beats by Dre”

Chase Bank Waives Some Fees For NY,NJ , And CT

Whoever has an account with Chase is going to be happy about this message. Chase sent out an e-mail letting their customers know that they want to help in the way they can during this time because of the natural disaster that may be approaching and relieve some stress it may be causing for some. They will be waiving two different types of fees for their customers. Hit the jump Steph B

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