(Video) Convicted Felon Sings Adele Inspired Apology Song To The Judge At His Sentencing

While about to receive his sentence, convicted felon Brian Earl Taylor shows his remorse for his actions through a song. The 21-year-old started singing an apology to the judge and his loved one.

(18+ Video) Police Shoot & Kill Convicted Felon Who Allegedly Reached For His Gun

Allegedly he reached for his gun when he was on the ground, but the dashcam footage doesn’t make that visible which could only lead to speculation. Multiple shots were fired on this convicted felon. Watch at your own discretion.

Jeremy Meeks, AKA Model Mugshot Guy’s, Manager Is Getting Death Threats From Who?!

Well, with all this attention he’s been getting in the media, it was only a matter of time until he saw some negative backlash. I mean, despite being a convicted felon the man has been being treated as if he’s God. But now, things aren’t looking too good. Jeremy Meek’s newly hired manager has been receiving threatening phone calls where she’s being told she deserves to die! It is a little crazy that Meeks is getting the shine he’s getting but I think death to his manager is going a tad bit over board. Find out who’s making these harassing calls after the jump!

(18+ LADIES Check The Flicks) Blue Eyed Felon Crush Jeremy Meeks Leaks Nudes.. See What He’s Workin’ With!

A few days ago, a mugshot of Jeremy Meeks hit the net and ladies of all ages went buck wild. The blue eyed bad boy’s mugshot was SO good looking that Twitter decided to declare Friday “Felon Crush Friday” in honor of his handsome self. Now of course we’re not actually condoning his criminal behavior, we (as females) just think it’s hilarious someone can look THAT good in a mugshot. To make this whole situation even more funny, naked flicks of the blue eyed bandit went viral. Let’s just say they’re rathhherrrr impressive. LADIES, check out what your favorite criminal is workin’ with below the belt in the gallery!

MLB: Barry Bonds Calls Himself a ‘Convicted Felon’; Wants To Move Forward & Work With Giants

Sabrina B. Barry Bonds is publicly referring to himself as a convicted felon these days, and he’s quick to point out that conviction was never for steroid use.

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