Former NBA Player Allegedly Stole $14K in Apple Products — But Guess How Much He Actually Made Off It?!

Former NBA guard, Rex Chapman, has been released from jail. He has been booked on 14 counts, all felony charges. To add fuel to fire, Chapman received LESS THAN $6,000 for the pawned products, which actually valued over $14,000. Click below and jump on it for further details on this story…

CeeLo Green Cops Plea Deal in Ecstasy Case After Flaws Surface In Allegations!

In 2012 singer CeeLo Green was accused of slipping his date ecstasy and faced felony charges for furnishing ecstasy. The woman who accused him, same woman he had been dating for months, claimed that at one minute they were at a bar in Downtown L.A. and the next she was waking up naked in his bed. See more below!

SMDH: Texas Governor Rick Perry Gets Indicted On Felony Charge For Abuse Of Power; Has To Turn Himself In

In people ain’t sh*t news, it looks like political figure and legislative office holder, Republican Governor Rick Perry, is in serious hot water and may be looking at some time after grand jury indicted him for what?! Get full scoop inside.

Lil Reese Arrested For Felony Possession Of WHAT?!?!

According to a report from XXL, Chiraq rapper Lil Reese was allegedly arrested for felony possession of a firearm. So far, it looks like his bail is set for $50,000. More on Lil Reese’s legal troubles after the jump.

NBA: Raymond Felton Avoids Jail Time Under Deal Reached In NY Gun Case

I wonder if Plaxico is pissed right now?!  I’m not sure how he did it, but Raymond Felton just dodged a bullet (sorry had to).  He will avoid jail time under a deal reached today in court.  Hit the jump for details…

According To Prosecutors, Justin Bieber Should Be Charged With FELONY Vandalism For Egging Incident!

Pop-star Justin Bieber has been getting real lucky lately despite his out-of-control behavior. However, his lucky streak might be coming to an end. The prosecutor who is currently conducting the investigation on Bieber’s egging incident from Janruary says, “If we don’t charge him with a felony we ruin precedent for every other felony case we want to charge.” His neighbors saw him clearly during the egging attack and claim to have a total of $20K worth of damages. (Must have been some super strong eggs.) The prosecutor thinks since the Biebz is famous, his criminal acts are being brushed under the rug and looked over but this case is allegedly now being reviewed “at the highest level.” Only time will tell if JB gets hit with a misdemeanor or a felony. This should boost his street cred, right? OR NAH!

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