(Video) President Obama Talks About The Incident In Ferguson, Mo [LIVE]

President Obama is currently offering a live statement on the Ferguson, Missouri incident.

President Obama Releases A Statement On The Death Of Michael Brown

18-year-old Michael Brown was gunned down in St. Louis, Missouri by a police officer while trying to visit his grandmother. Following the fatal shooting, the city of Ferguson endured protests and riots among its residents and local PD. The incident has caught the eye of President Obama who calls it, “heartbreaking” and is requesting that everyone from the town and the rest of the country, “remember this young man through reflection and understanding.” Find the President’s entire statement below.

(Video) REVOLT Presents “Hands Up” Mini Documentary Regarding The Killing Of Mike Brown!

As the nation weighs in on the death of the killing of unarmed Mike Brown by cops in Ferguson, Missouri, REVOLT has hit the street in an attempt to document the uprising and protest by residents. The video allows the residents to also recount what they saw happen regarding the incident that left the young man dead. Check it out after the jump.

(Video) Missouri Residents Succumb To Tear Gas & Rubber Bullets As Protests Over Mike Brown’s Death Continue

This is absolutely disturbing. Days after Michael Brown, 18 was shot and killed by a Ferguson, Mo police officer, residents continue to riot and protest. Men, women and children are on the scene with their hands in the air chanting, “don’t shoot!” Monday evening, armed with face masks, police threw tear gas into the crowd of shouters along with the propelling of rubber bullets into what was called a, “war zone.” Officials in the area say that there have been about 15 arrests during this time period, but none were seriously injured. As things slowly begin to simmer down, the FBI announces that they will be investigating potential civil-rights violations of shooting. United States attorney general Eric Holder said that a thorough investigation is “critical for preserving trust between law enforcement and the communities they serve.” Surely, that ship has sailed. The police have yet to release the name of the officer involved in the shooting, but said they will do so Tuesday afternoon. Be on the lookout. Until then, hit the jump for Monday night’s scene.

(Photos) Unarmed Teen Killed By Police Just Days Before He Was To Go Off To College – The Town Riots

Take yourself back to the day you first sat down and watched, Do The Right Thing. Remember how the police did Radio Raheem? Remember how the people in the city reacted? Imagine that same thing happening in 2014. Teen Michael Brown was only a couple days shy of beginning his college education when he went to St. Louis, MO from Ferguson, MO to visit his grandmother only to never return home nor go off to school. Depending on who is reciting the story, you will get multiple scenarios, but one guy seems to make his statement pretty clear after uploading his reaction on YouTube. “Bruh, don’t shoot me. Don’t shoot me,” the witness says that Mike yelled after the police officer pulled a gun on him, but to no avail. The cop shot Mike about eight times. Check out this and more down bottom.

After 34 Years On Death Row John Errol Ferguson Set To Be Executed

64 year-old John Errol Ferguson will face execution after a last ditch plea by counsel was shot dowh by the U.S. Supreme Court. Ferguson was found guilty of killing 8 people during robberies in the late ’70’s. His mental state has been brought into question in oder to squash the execution. For more info please click below. Funk Flex

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