Forget Tyga And Kylie.. Blac Chyna Copped Herself Her OWN Expensive Whip!

Blac Chyna is proving to everyone that she doesn’t need a man to buy her nice things! She hit up the dealer and decided to cop herself a brand new toy – a black Audi R8 Convertible with a starting price of $130K. There was a big uproar when BC was forced to give her Mercedes G Wagon back to her baby daddy Tyga, who then let his current girlfriend Kylie Jenner whip it for a few days before buying her a brand new Ferrari for her 18th birthday. Mind you, that gift ran T-Raww’s pockets a whopping $320K. Watch some footage of Blac Chyna’s awesome new whip below!

(Photos) Looks Like Kylie Isn’t Satisfied With Her New Ferrari From Tyga So She Decided To Do WHAT?!

Not every normal teenager is gifted with a $320K Ferrari for their 18th birthday but for young celebrities like Kylie Jenner, it is nothing out of the norm. Unfortunately, she wasn’t 100% satisfied with her pricey gift from her boyfriend Tyga so she decided to pimp her new ride out while she was vacationing over in St. Barts. The Ferrari was originally white with stainless steel black rims but she just wasn’t feeling those colors. She had the foreign whip painted a matte grey with ridiculous looking orange rims. Check out her car’s new look after the make-over in the gallery. Are we feelin’ it or naw?

OH.. So THIS Is How Tyga Was Able To Afford Kylie’s Expensive $320K Ferrari!

A lot of people have been questioning Tyga’s finances lately ever since he balled out and bought his lady friend Kylie Jenner a brand new $320,000 Ferrari for her 18th birthday. Aside from having a cameo in the film “Dope” and a new reality TV show on MTV2, it seems that T-Raww has more business deals in the works that we are unaware of. Being that the rumor mill was spinning of speculations that Tyga is apparently having some financial issues as of late, it seemed rather odd that he would drop such serious dough on a gift for his girlfriend. However, it all makes sense because he just inked a deal with Tunes Audio for $10 million dollars!

Kylie Jenner Can’t Fit All Her Cars In The Garage So She’s Selling Her Range!

Rich people problems 101. Kylie Jenner is having issues fitting all of her luxurious cars into the garage, so she’s mad the executive decision to put one of her whips up for sale. Unfortunately for her tricked out white 2014 Range Rover Autobiography, it’s time to say bye bye. Kylie paid a total of $195K for the Range brand new along with an additional $15K to pimp it out. Her current asking price for the car is $173K but the only thing is she wants CASH ONLY or else no deal. She has been going through a private broker to help get her vehicle sold faster. Since she just received a new G-Wagon AND a Ferrari from her rapping bae Tyga, who has time to be dealing with cars from 2014? Like…seriously.

(Photos) It’s LIT: Tyga Gifts Kylie With A $320K Ferrari For Her 18th Birthday

Kylie Jenner seems to be having QUITE the 18th birthday (as she should, since everyone has been waiting forever for this day to finally come). The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star kicked off her b-day celebration at Bootsy Bellows on Sunday night with a star-studded RSVP list including her sister Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, Khloe and her rumored bae James Harden along with Tyga and the rest of her family.

Look Out Ferrari! The Ford GT is Back & Ready To Race at LeMans

The Ford GT is BACK! For us old school journalists, we recall the glory days of the Ford GT dominating at LeMans races in the sixties, the forward thinking GT90 concept in the nineties and the Camilo Pardo designed GT40 in 2002. Well, the motorheads at Ford have done it once again! 600HP, seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox nestled inside a carbon fiber tub! Nuff said!

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