(Video) Daycare Worker Found Guilty After Starting Toddler “Fight Club”

Sarah Jordan, the Virginia woman accused of starting a toddler “fight club,” at a daycare has now been found guilty. Jordan made the children fight each other and even rough them up herself. The child abuser will be facing 41 years behind bars for this disgusting crime.

(Video) Sports: 50 Cent Performs at a Real Underground Fight Club in the Bronx

I thought the first rule of fight club was you’re not supposed to talk about fight club… Anyways 50 Cent stepped inside a real life fight club, jumped in the ring and then got the joint hyped for a night of knockouts.

Sports:(Video) Cheerleader Fight Club?? Crazy

What happened to the first rule of fight club?? LOL. Nah, actually this is terrible and the cheerleading coach needs to never be around kids again. A high school girl has accused her cheerleading coach of forcing girls on the team to physically fight each other because 2 of the girls were arguing over a boy, of course. The coach even pushed her desk out of the way to create a spot to fight and went as far as to put on music to encourage the abuse. She was also accused of being the actual instigator in the situation, while pressuring the other girls who weren’t part of the fight to join in and make the 2 girls fight. What wound up happening was one of the girls was beat up pretty bad and had to miss the next game because of injuries. That girl is now suing the school district and the coach. In the mean time the coach has been suspended, but I hope she faces more than that because how idiotic of her to do this. Parents trust that their kids are in good hands when they are at school. Not being forced to fight by an adult!! Check out the video after the jump.

Students Expelled for After-School ‘Fight Club’

Whether they had a fight in school or out of school 9 sixth grade boys were expelled from school for running an after school “fight club”!!!!!! I didn’t know you could still get in trouble in school when it was clearly after school hours. @Ash_Bankz

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