Paul Walker’s Estate Sues His Friend For Allegedly Stealing His Cars Less Than 24 Hours After He Died

Paul Walker’s estate is filing a lawsuit alleging that his friend stole Walker’s sports cars less than 24 hours after his death. Read more on the story below!

(Video/Photos) Here’s How You Add 16 To 32 GB’s To Your iPhone!!!

Ok I saw this at CES, and got so excited about asking for one for product review, I didn’t get a pic, and didn’t talk about it because I was still hoping to get a hold of one, but since they will be in most stores this week, and already on line at Amazon, and Apple has it on there site as well(but it’s about $50 more) it’s def time to make sure you know about it!

NFL: Vince Young Files For Bankruptcy

Damn, SMH.  Another star athlete files for bankruptcy — this time it’s former NFL QB Vince Young.  I’m definitely not surprised at this since that report last year on Vince taking out a loan to throw a big birthday party.  Hit the jump for details…

THIS American City Files For Bankruptcy!!!

It seems that the Motor City has run out of gas. Detroit, Michigan has filed for the largest municipal bankruptcy in U.S. history! In March of this year bankruptcy expert, Kevin Orr, was hired by the state of Michigan to lead the city of Detroit out of the pits of debt. Four months later, they now have unfulfilled obligations. Hit the jump to see what happens next.

Files On Alleged Sexual Abuse Within The Boy Scouts Of America Released !!!

We’ve talked about this before, but now it’s official. The Boy Scouts of America had to fork over records dating back as far as 1985 of alleged sexual abuse cases. There were some scout leaders that were suspended for the allegations, however this was never made public, nor was it reported to the police. This sickens my stomach since I have two little cousins that’s involved in this program. Like the logo says, they are suppose to represent values and honoring, but this is not a representation of such. I really hope all parties involved gets what they got coming. Drop down bottom for more on the story. JaaiR (JR)

Tech Talk News: The MPAA Will Restore “Legal” Files From Megaupload!!!

Megaupload was very popular before being shut down due to it copyright infringement case. Only problem is not ever user was sharing files illegally. Thankfully the MPAA may let people get back their files that they deem legal. Hit the jump for details on the MPAA restoring files on Megaupload. ShottaDru X TatWza

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