NFL: Again?!! Carson Palmer Is Paying A Hefty Price For THIS Celebration Dance

The NFL is really cracking down on the unsportsmanlike conduct rules and have gone as far as to ban certain dancing/celebration moves. The popular ‘hip-thrust’is one amongst those banned and has been the cause of multiple hefty fines across the league.

Oakland Church Could Be Fined Because Of Choir Music

It appears the city of Oakland could issue a fine after a neighbor complained about a church. The city of Oakland sent a letter warning the church of noise infractions and what the future could mean for the group.

NFL: Atlanta Falcons Fined $350K & Lose Draft Pick For Piping In Artificial Crowd Noise

The Atlanta Falcons were accused of piping in artificial crowd noise during games to give them an unfair advantage and today the league handed out their punishment.

(Photo) NBA: Why Is Matt Barnes Calling Out The NBA After James Harden Kicked Lebron?

Matt Barnes is no stranger to controversy, especially within the NBA itself. Barnes has found himself on the receiving end of fines on more than a few occasions during his playing career and it seems he thinks things are not fair. After James Harden appeared to kick Lebron James earlier today during the Rockets vs Cavs game, Barnes jumped on twitter and called B.S. on the $25,000 fine he got when he kicked a Gatorade cup a couple weeks ago. Nothing much came out of the Harden/James incident, but Barnes says the NBA would do much worse if he was the one who kicked Bron. Check the gallery!

NBA: Chris Paul Fined $25,000 For Comments About Female Referee

Chris Paul has been fined $25,000 for his public criticism of Lauren Holtkamp, the first-year referee who called a technical foul against the Los Angeles Clippers star point guard earlier this week. The NBA announced the fine Saturday, two days after Paul sounded off on Holtkamp following the Clippers’ loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers. I seriously hope the league is fining Paul for his comments in general and not because they felt he disrespected the official because she is a woman.

(Video) NFL: Marshawn Lynch Fullfills Media Duty With Amazing ONE-WORD Interview!

If you did not know, Seattle Seahawks’ RB Marshawn Lynch was fined $100K for failure to comply to the league’s media policy. The NFL media policy mandates that players must be available to the media during the practice week at the team facility and in the locker room after all games. During the 2013 season and this past Wednesday, Marshawn Lynch refused to respond to news reporters in his post-game interview and conference. Well, the star running back found a way to beat the repercussions of media silence by responding to reporters with one word answers…even saying ‘Yeah’ a total of 12 times! Hit the jump to watch Marshawn Lynch literally mock the NFL policy with his nonchalant responses…

(Photo) NFL: 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick Reacts To The NFL Fining Him For Wearing Beats Headphones

Kaepernick took to social media and poked fun at the NFL fining him twice this season. First was for the racial slur he allegedly used in a game against the Bears and most recently he was fined for wearing Beats headphones. Hit the jump for his reaction.

NFL: Colin Kaepernick Fined $10K – Guess Why?!

49ers QB Colin Kaepernick can’t seem to steer clear of fines, from racial slurs to wearing BEATS?! YES, the NFL fined Kaepernick $10,000 for wearing Beats over Bose headphones in a post-game conference. Well, at least they’re pink in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Hit the jump for more info!

(Photos) Busted! Popular Hollywood Club May Face Fines For Letting Justin Bieber Booze It Up!

Chris Brown and Justin Beiber recently hit the club up together and flicked it up. However, we all seem to forget that the Biebz is only 20 years old. Pics surfaced of what looks like JB drinking a Heiniken at the popular West Hollywood nightclub called Betsy Bellows. Since the venue serves food, they’re allowed to let people under 21 inside although they are not allowed to serve them booze by any means necessary (famous or not.) The California Dept. of Alcoholic Beverage Control got involved and is now currently watching Betsy Bellows extra hard although they’ve never had any issues in the past. However–if they can prove that Biebz was hitting the bottle, a fine will be issued. Check out the pics in the gallery that appear to be Justin and his Heiney bottle.

NBA: Donald Sterling Tells NBA He Isn’t Paying Fine, Ready To Fight

Donald Sterling isn’t just gonna go along with what the NBA says, he is gonna fight this possibly till he eventually dies of old age. Sterling was fined $2.5 million last month by the NBA and banned for life after his racist comments were leaked to the public. Most people hoped he would do the right thing and move along quickly after realizing how wrong he was and how many people he hurt. That doesn’t seem like it is gonna happen now as he seems prepared to fight everything from being forced to sell the team, to being banned to even paying his fine. Hit the jump.

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