(Video) NBA: Austin Rivers Fined $25K After Injuring Fan With A Seat Cushion

Los Angeles Clippers guard Austin Rivers was fined $25,000 by the NBA on Thursday, a day after throwing a seat cushion into the stands at Sacramento, injuring a woman who was sitting somewhat close to the court. He apologized to a fan who was hit but the didn’t stop the league from handing down discipline.

NYC Taxi Driver Fined $25,000 After Refusing To Pick Up Black Executive And Her Family

A NYC taxi driver has been fine $25,000 after refusing to pick up a black executive and her family. The judge slammed driver Baqir Raza with $10,000 in compensation to Cynthia Jordan and a $15,000 civil fine, after he told Jordan he was off-duty and then proceeded to pick up a white family nearby. Read more below.

(Video) NBA: Matt Barnes Fined $50,000 For Cursing At James Harden’s Mom, Says She Started It

Matt Barnes is paying for his words directed at James Harden’s mom during game 2 of the Clippers/Rockets playoff series. The NBA came down hard on him today, hitting him with a fine of $50,000!

NBA: Dwyane Wade Fined $15,000 For Middle Finger Gesture Towards Hornets Fans

Dwyane Wade has been fined $15,000 for making an obscene gesture during the third quarter of the Heat’s 78-76 loss to the Charlotte Hornets on Wednesday, January 21. Wade was noticeably frustrated throughout the game. It was Miami’s third loss in the last four games, and this was by far the ugliest played game with the team shooting 34.5 percent and getting out-rebounded 56 to 41. According to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, “Wade had been heckled about his age throughout the game by a fan seated near the Heat bench.” At some point, Wade turned and gave the middle finger to the group of fans and the league announced today he would be coughing up cash for that.

NFL: Report, Browns Couldn’t Find Johnny Manziel After He Threw Huge Party

Oh boy, Johnny Manziel, for better or worse just continues to put himself in positions off the field that leave him susceptible to being looked at in a negative light by his team. This time he was fined for being late for an injury treatment appointment, but it is the reported reason why he was late which is the big problem.

NFL: DAMN, Rex Ryan Fined $100K For Cursing At Pittsburgh Steelers Players

The NFL came down hard on Rex Ryan Fined $100K and he is feeling it in his wallet. Cameras captured Rex cursing at Steelers players on the field after the Jets beat them this past Sunday. Rex was unhappy with what he felt was a dirty play at the end of the game when the outcome of the game was already decided. See why Rex Ryan Fined $100K.

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