NFL: League Tells Players They Will Be Fined $6,000 Anytime They Wear Yeezy Cleats But Adidas Might Pay Fines

The NFL is already cracking down on Yeezy cleats in their typical, no fun type of way. Last week both Von Miller of the Broncos and DeAndre Hopkins of the Texans, took to social media to show off their Yeezy 750 & 350 cleats respectively. As you would expect, the pics set twitter and Instagram on fire and they became as big of a story as the games themselves. Miller didn’t wind up wearing his in the actual game but Hopkins did and received a $6,000 fine for doing so. The NFL has now essentially banned the cleats, letting players know they will be fined $6,000 each time they wear them. Adidas, however has their own plan to keep players wearing them on the field, which includes covering the cost of the fines.

(Photos) Boxing: After Defeating Paul Smith, Andre Ward Gives Him $37K!

When have you ever heard of the winner of a boxing match giving his opponent some of the winnings they raked in? Probably never. Paul Smith was fined for being over weight and Ward actually paid him back!

DAMN! Tyga Owes Thousands Of Dollars For WHAT?!

It looks like Tyga is becoming quite the nuisance in his neighborhood. The rapper has been hit with countless fines for violating the rules and regulations in the Oak development of his Calabassas neighborhood. Apparently he has been throwing these out-of-control bangers all of the time and his neighbors are PISSED! Thus far, Tyga apparently has $10K racked up in unpaid fines. However, the thing is that since Tyga is renting his mansion, it falls on the landlord to make sure these fines get paid. OF course, he’s trying to get the famous rapper to come out of pocket for the fines but Tyga has only paid a little here and there since last August. Maybe he should ask his 17-year-old bae Kylie Jenner for a hand. I’m sure she’ll help her man out.

(Video) French Montana Has To Pay How Much For Driving Without A License?!

Haaaaan! French Montana was caught driving on a suspended license and today, he showed up to court to check out how much his fines were – a mere $588. Nothing to giant since French decided to pay the fee and move on with his life. On his way into the courthouse, French talks to TMZ about Rob Kardashian’s possible problems with the sizzurp. “Let him live man. Let him be happy,” the “Money Bag” rapper says about Rob. Eh… Drop down bottom for more from the Coke Boy.

(Video) NBA: Lakers Players Can’t Afford To Do What?

Just cause some NBA players make alot of money, doesn’t mean they want to spend it. TMZ, caught up with Lakers Jody Meeks and Jordan Hill outside a restaurant in L.A. where they discussed the fact that the Lakers as a team have NO technical fouls called on them this season. The main reason? They can’t afford to be paying the fines that come along with those fouls. For the record the league fines players $1,000 for their first two technical fouls, $1,500 each for the next two, and $2,000 for #s 5 and 6. Hit the jump for the video.

You Could Face Up To 15 Days In Jail For Growing THIS Plant!!

Now, I know what you’re thinking: Only 15 days? But, this isn’t that type of plant. It’s actually a form of Bamboo. But, unlike the traditional bamboo found in Asia, and eaten by pandas, this “running” bamboo causes much havoc for homeowners. It spreads rapidly and has the potential to lift and crack concrete as its roots spread. So, imagine what it would do to homes and gardens.

50 Cent On His Way To JAIL For 5-Years?!

You read correct – not YALE, but JAIL. Hit the jump to see why 50 Cent – or as the system will refer to him as – prisoner #5050505050, might be doing 5-years.

Man Creeping On Rihanna’s Roof Sentenced To Mental Health Treatments & More

A few weeks ago, a man was caught creeping on the roof of Rihanna’s L.A. home while she was in London. The singer filled a restraining order for the man to stay away from her and her home. Along with the restraining order, Robert Melanson was charged with criminal trespassing and that had some serious consequences! Melanson was ordered to serve six days in prison, to pay $334 in fines, three years of probation, and one year of mental health treatments after pleading no contest to the charges against him.

NFL: James Harrison Aiming For Knees Now!

James Harrison is just tired and fed up with getting fined by the NFL for “illegal” hits to the head. So from now on, he is aiming for the knees! I don’t really know what is worse. Hits to both places can end a career, but I do get the point Harrison is trying to make. Nowadays in the NFL, the slightest hit to a players head will bring a fine, and maybe a suspension, so Harrison is just trying to make a point. I hope he really won’t be aiming for any players knees. Read more below. IamJOE357

NFL: Giants Safety Phillips Wins Appeal..Gets $30K back

You don’t hear this too often in the NFL, but now Kenny Phillips is the second player this week to win an appeal regarding his fine. Ed reed of the Ravens also won an appeal this week reducing his fine. Phillips was fined $30k back in September for a hit on Tampa Bay Receiver Vincent Jackson. Phillips was not even called for a penalty on the hit so the fine came as a surprise. He gets his money back in time to blow it on holiday gifts, and the Giants get him back this week after missing the last 6 games, just in time to help the secondary against Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers. Check below after the jump for the full story. IamJOE357

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