NBA: Suns Fire Coach Alvin Gentry

Can’t say I’m surprised by this, even though I do not fully blame Coach Gentry. The Suns announced a short time ago they were going to part ways with Alvin Gentry, which is usually the nice professional way to say they were going to fire him. He was 158-144 since he took over during the 2008-2009 season. Considering they play in the tougher western conference, that record is actually decent. But this year they have the worst record in the west at 13-28. Things have been dismal all year for the suns, partly because they just do not have much talent. I am sure Gentry will get another head coaching chance down the road somewhere. But for whoever takes over for the Suns for the rest of this season it is definitely going to be an uphill battle. IamJOE357

Lindsay Lohan Fires Her Longtime Lawyer Shawn Holley…Then Says She Didn’t

Not so surprising news coming out of Camp Lohan, though it is a little weird considering how much her lawyer has helped her thus far. Lindsay Lohan has terminated her longtime attorney Shawn Holley, and hired a new lawyer from her home state of New York. Shawn was literally on the way to the courthouse to negotiate a settlement for Linds in one of her many ongoing cases, when she received a letter from her new lawyer Mark Heller that told her she was no longer needed. But now Lindsay is doing a 180 and saying she never meant for Shawn to be fired and wants her back. SMH. Details below. Marisa Mendez

NFL: Rob Ryan Fired While On Vacation; He Reacts!

Damn!  Classic example of …. how do you get fired on your day off?!  Well it happened to Cowboys’ defensive coordinator Rob Ryan while he was on vacation.  He got the call while he was enjoying some time in the Turks and Caicos Islands. Jerry Jones did say there were going to be changes and it has now started.  Check out the report & Rob’s reaction after the jump… GameTimeGirl

Sports: Rob Parker Out at ESPN

Damn, I almost feel bad for the guy.  He did it to himself though.  Rob Parker created a lot of controversy last month when he questioned Robert Griffin III’s “blackness” (you can read the story HERE if you need a refresher) and is now out of a job. Find out ESPN’s reasoning after the jump… GameTimeGirl

NFL:(Rumors) Andy Reid Could Be Hired By Kansas City Today

It is being reported that fired Philadelphia Eagles coach Andy Reid, could be hired as the new coach of the Kansas City Chiefs as early as today. Reid had a few interviews scheduled with other teams, but it is also being reported those meetings are now cancelled, which gives even more weight to the rumor of him going to Kansas City. He met with them all day yesterday and it appears he got a really good feeling about the organization. Stay Tuned for possible updates on this during the day. Hit the link after the jump for more. IamJOE357

NFL: Norv Turner Takes Shot at Chargers On Way Out

If you’re going out, might as well make a statement on your way! Lol. Norv Turner was fired as head coach of the Chargers on “Black Monday,” but he didn’t leave quietly.  Check out the little jab he gave as he left letting it be known that it wasn’t his fault the Charger hadn’t made the playoffs… GameTimeGirl

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