Target Employee Who Katt Williams SMACKED Gets FIRED !!!

I could see this guy sitting on DUBS in a couple of months. Forrest Liebenberg, was the Target employee who was on the receiving end of Katt Williams mortal back hand. The footage leaked a couple of days ago. The incident has caused Forrest to lose his job, (is the assumption since they didn’t give him a reason as to why he was being let go). This is #SHAMEful. He got two lawsuits coming. I wish I went to college to be an attorney, because Katt would have me PAID for the next ten plus years. Drop down bottom for more. JaaiR (JR)

Matt Lauer To Be Fired From “Today Show”?!

Matt Lauer might be getting the boot from “The Today Show” soon! According to reports, if the show’s ratings doesn’t pick up, Lauer can be out of a job as soon as February. Matt and “Today” are currently struggling to compete against “Good Morning America” and since Matt is getting a huge paycheck, he’s getting cut! Willie Geist is currently in the running to take Lauer’s place. Read more below. Julie A.

(Video) NBA: Metta World Peace Doesn’t Want You To Feel Bad For Fired Lakers Coach Mike Brown!

I don’t always agree with Metta World Peace, but I agree 110% with him here. Los Angeles Lakers superstar Metta World Peace says he’s not shedding any tears for his ex-coach Mike Brown because even though he got fired, dude made out like a bandit. GameTimeGirl

NCAA: Adviser for the University of Iowa Athletics Dept. Accused of Exchanging Tickets for Sex

Senior academics advisor for the University of Iowa athletics department, Peter Gray has resigned after a laundry list of crazy allegations including providing football tickets in exchange for sex.  Read more after the jump. Shay Marie 

NBA: Lebron Has a Surprising Reaction to Mike Brown Getting Fired

Though many Lakers fans are rejoicing over the firing of Mike Brown some people think it’s too hasty.  Although Brown was the coach since last year, it was a shortened season and  only 5 games into a new season with a new roster.  There were plenty of issues with the team but he wasn’t really given time to fix them.  One person that’s on his side might come as a surprise but it’s his former player Lebron James.  Read more after the jump. Shay Marie

(Photos) NBA: 10 of the Funniest Mike Brown Fired Memes

Yesterday Mike Brown was fired as the Lakers head coach and it sent twitter into a frenzy.  It also cultivated some of the funniest memes I’ve seen.  Check out 10 of the funniest in the picture gallery. Shay Marie

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