(Video) NJ State Trooper Fires Weapon At Unarmed Teens, Mistakenly Knocked On His Door

An off-duty New Jersey state trooper is under investigation after firing at three unarmed teenagers who erroneously knocked on the door of his Sparta home Sunday, thinking it was their friend’s house. Continue reading for more details.

(Photos) NCAA: Fires, Riots & More Break Out On Campus Of University Of Kentucky After Final Four Loss

Goodbye perfect record, hello drunk and angry college kids with nothing better to do than start fires and damage property. After the Kentucky Wildcats lost to Wisconsin 71-64 in the Final Four, ending the Wildcats perfect season, students back on campus in Lexington, Kentucky took to the streets to cause a ruckus for no reason. I will never understand what is the purpose of starting fires and damaging other peoples cars and fighting amongst each other because the team lost. Most pictures show cops standing by watching but not really doing much. What’s messed up about situations like this is if it was happening in another part of the country the people “rioting” and starting fires would be called “thugs” or worse. But since this is Kentucky they will just chalk it up to drunk college kids having a good time. Check the gallery!

Sports: Drake Fires Back After Athlete Blames Him/His Music For Near Loss!

I honestly didn’t think Drake would respond to this story, but he did.  Drake’s got something to say to tennis star Nick Kyrgios — who blamed the rapper’s music for a near loss at Wimbledon last month.  Gotta love the drama … just in time for the ESPYs on Wednesday! Check it out…

[PHOTOS] Selena Gomez Recruits Katy Perry’s Manager After Dismissing Parents To Take Her To Next Level

While Selena Gomez has been the center of a lot of media attention of late due to a stint in rehab, her dealings with on and off again boyfriend Justin Bieber, as well as firing her parants as her management team. The 21 year old Texas native is cleaning house and determined to get her life back on track; recently distancing herself from certain relationships in effort to remove “toxic” people and things from her path. The rising starlet has enlisted the help of top executive, who was also the major driving force behind Katy Perry becoming a household name…….

California Fire Causes For The Evacuation Of Military Base????

A series of small fires hit Southern California resulting in the evacuation of many including residents, a hospital, and an over all a military base, hit the jump for more details!

Washington State Wildfires Burn 64 Buildings

More than 200 residents of tinder-dry forests near Washington state’s Satus Pass crowded a high school gymnasium Friday night to get an update on a wildfire that has burned 64 buildings. Hit the jump to read the rest of the story. @WiL

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