(Video) Eww: DC Young Fly Eats A Dead Fish

DC Young Fly is the king of clowning. While on video, he is caught eating a dead fish. When I say fish, like a straight gold fish.

California Lake Mysteriously Runs Dry Overnight, Killing Thousands Of Fish

Northern California residents are searching for answers to why a reservoir ran dry overnight, killing thousands of fish. Read more for additional details.

(Photo) Throw It Back!! Fisherman Finds THIS Inside A Fish!

Just when you think that things couldn’t get any more weird, check what a Norwegian fisherman found inside of a cod.

(PHOTOS) NFL: Good Luck Diet?! Cam Newton Reveals His New Diet at His Thanksgiving Charity Event

It’s not really a new diet since Cam Newton has been on it for 8 months, but Cam revealed it to the public for the first time yesterday that he drastically switched up his diet & he thinks it’s been helping the Panthers win. Check it out…

(VIDEO) NBA: Skills?! Carmelo Anthony is Catching Fish With His Bare Hands?!

Really Melo, that’s how you’re doin it out here?! Lol.  This probably isn’t real, but it’s still enjoyable. La La posted a video on her Instagram of her hubby catching a fish with his bare hands.  Isn’t this what Instagram is for?! Check it out…

(Photo) So… What Washed Up On Shore In Spain??

Last week in Spain, the carcass of some type of sea creature was discovered washed up on a beach. At first glance, many simply believed it to be a sea monster –or at least something of that sort. After a few more observations, people believed it to be an oarfish (pictured above). But, thanks to three leading shark experts, the creature is now identified.

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