‘Wicked Tuna’ Star From Nat Geo Gets Arrested For Assault

Captain Tyler McLaughlin from ‘Wicked Tuna’ on Nat Geo gets arrested for smashing a guy’s face. Select more to read up on this aggressive story.

(Photo) Throw It Back!! Fisherman Finds THIS Inside A Fish!

Just when you think that things couldn’t get any more weird, check what a Norwegian fisherman found inside of a cod.

(Photos) Fisherman Finds WHAT While Fishing?!?!

On old shows and and cartoons, when a newcomer to the fishing game would try it out, they’d often catch an old boot or shoe. More recently, one man found an old shoe. The difference is, this found shoe had a severed foot inside of it. Imagine the surprise of that, upset after finding just a shoe while fishing, then noticing a foot in it. Hit the jump for more info.

Whoa! Two Fisherman Get Lost At Sea For Three Weeks And Survive?!

Two Jamaican fisherman set off for a three-day trip and wound up getting lost at sea for three weeks! This is every person’s nightmare so I could only imagine how scary this was! Glad they survived. Click below for the details. Melissa

Fisherman Survives By Staying Adrift In A Plastic Bin

Thanks to a 4-by-4 foot plastic fish bin, Ryan Harris, is able to see another day. Ryan, 19, was rescued by a Coast Guard helicopter from his plastic “lifeboat” on Saturday after 24 hours when his boat sank. Click below to read more. Jason J.

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