(Fellas Check The Pic!) Esther Baxter Shows Off Her Thim Slick Figure In A Mirror Flick!

Esther Baxter

Fellas check out this mirror flick of Esther Baxter with her waist so slim and her a** so FAT! YASSS!

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(Fellas Check The Pics) 10 Reasons Why We LOVE Thick Chicks In Yoga Pants!

Reasons why we LOVE yoga pants

One thing the world can all agree on is the universal love for yoga pants. They’re comfy as hell and enhance the booty for everyone’s viewing pleasure. To help everyone get through this Monday morning, check out ten reasons why we absolutely L O V E some thick chicks rockin’ yogas.

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(Video) Oooh Kill Em’! Former LHHNY Star Kaylin Garcia Teaches ‘TwerkOut’ Class In NYC To Packed House

Kaylin Garcia

Looks like former LHHNY star and love interest of rapper Joe Budden, Kaylin Garcia is taking her “talents” on the road and saving one woman at a time by giving some much needed twerk lessons?

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(Video) OMGee! NYC Yoga Studio Offers A*** Naked Co-Ed Courses To Attendees?!

IFWT_Whoa Face Surprised Face Shocked Face

Now with spring just getting here and summer right around the corner, I’m all for finding new and fun ways to keep it right and tight….. Well Bold and Naked Yoga studio located in NYC’s Chelsea area has definitely decided to take its own unique spin on fitness… by offering co-ed courses in the buff??

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(Fellas Check The Pics!) Nicki Minaj Hits Us With Mirror Flicks of That A**! MY GOSH!

_Nicki Minaj

Nicki hit her gram today with some mirror flicks. She captioned it “5 more lbs. to go”, but that a** is definitely not going anywhere! IDK if you even call this slim thick because that donk is just FAT! LOL! Fellas check out these flicks after the jump.

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(Fellas Check The 18 & Over Pic!) Coco Oiled Up, Topless, & Cakes ALL Out In The Gym!


WHEEWWW! Coco shows off her boobs and a** all oiled up in the gym!

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(Video) Reebok CrossFit Board Short Collection


Reebok CrossFit is introducing the Board Short collection in this video short. This collection was aim at CrossFitters akak Gym rats. The materials and design is to help CrossFitters excel and see Reebok Athletes Spencer Hendel and Jennifer Smith perspective on the Board Short collection…

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(Photos) Angela Simmons Shows Off Her Gym Progress…& DAMN! Her Body Is Crazy!

Angela Simmons shows off her bikini body

WELP, after seeing Angela Simmons’ progress from all her hard work and dedication in the gym, I think I’ve just been motivated to go sign up (LOL, but seriously though). The young entrepreneur posted some flicks of her super tight and in-shape body, and I’m pretty sure I’m officially jealous. Head over to the gallery and peep the fashionista’s rock-hard abs and super toned bod!

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(Video) Ladies: Learn How To Get That Instafamous Booty From #Belfie Queen, Jen Setler

jen setler squat

On Friday, 20-year-old Jen Setler and her “Instafamous” booty was a guest on Bethenny Frankel’s talk show, ‘Bethenny’, where she talked with the host and showed viewers 3 easy exercises to help get that sexy derriere.

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(Fellas Check The Vid!) Rosa Acosta Shows Almost Camel Toe & That A** Doing Squats! DAYUUUMM!

RosaAcosta 4

Fellas check out this video of Rosa Acosta showing that a** working, doing squats! GEESH!

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