(Video) Travis Porter Breaks Out Twerking Flash Mob At The ATL Lennox Mall!

Make it Twerk! Travis Porter known for their strip club bangers, decided to take their talents to Atlanta’s own Lennox Mall and break out into a twerking mob flash!

(Video) Holiday Flash Mob Takes On ‘Peanuts’ Christmas Song!

Here’s another reason you should want to be apart of a flash mob! This group took on a Charlie Brown classic, as they all embodied a Peanuts character and danced around to the notorious Charlie Brown Christmas Song. Charlie Brown, Snoopy and co., were the focus of passerby’s with their smooth dances and vintage costumes; hit the jump to watch their amazing NYC street performance!

(Video) Woman Heading Into Surgery Asks Doctors To Do What Before?!?

This will make you forget about any small worry you may be having today! A positive mom about to endure a mastectomy had one simple request for the medics performing surgery on her… Dance!! Deborah Cohan made the surgeon team throw her a party and they got bodied, hit the jump to watch tragedy turn into celebration!

(Video) Master P Thought He Was Being Punk’d…But He Was Dead Wrong!

Master P stormed out of his own surprise birthday party last week, thinking he was part of a prank when a large flash mob broke out. Problem is, it was no prank…and he really missed his own party! Talking to TMZ today, P explained that he thought he was being “Punk’d” and wanted nothing to do with it. “Nobody ever did that for me before,” he said. And probably will never again! Watch the video below.

(Video) Master P Get’s A Crazy Birthday Gift, But His Reaction Though?!?!

What do you get a guy who has it all? A Flash Mob! Master P was enjoying a nice meal with his son Romeo celebrating his birthday when a Flash Mob broke out right in front of them. At first it seemed like they were still enjoying their meal, but shortly thereafter Master P got up and walked away. I guess their “Gangnam Style” was just too much for P. He was followed by a woman who told him that it was a birthday gift from some woman and that he should come back, but Percy wasn’t having it. He just kept on walking, I don’t think he cared much for the gift but don’t take my word for it, check the video bellow.

(Video) Flash Mob Turns Into 200-Person Fight!

In Lousiana a flash mob went bad after 200 young people got into a fight at a mall.The mall was closed down in order to try and stop the chaos that had erupted.  According to reports the young people involved initially arrived at the mall to meet each other and was established over social media. Steph B

(Video) Dancing Flash Mob At Cornell University- Gangnam Style

Gangnam style is taking over the media and it has taken over the Ivy League school , Cornell University.  You would think that these students didn’t have the time to build a massive flash mob outside of their school , oh but they did.   Gangnam style stems from Korean pop and has sparked various flash mobs and parodies all over the place.Hit the jump for the vid. Steph B

(Video) Hip Hop Flash Mob In Holland!

Yes a hip hop flash mob occurred in Holland!  According to reports the mob was dressed in traditional gear and wooden shoes but managed to bust some moves! Check the dutch doing their thing ! @stephlivsfreely

(Video) LMAO! Alfonso Ribeiro (aka Carlton Banks) Leads A “Carlton Dance” Flash Mob

On Saturday afternoon in L.A., actor Alfonso Ribeiro…known best for his role as Carlton Banks on the Fresh Prince of Bel Air…lead a group that tried to break the record for the most people in North America flash mobbing at the same time. Similar groups performed at the exact same time all over the country. No word yet on if the record was broken, but it’s definitely HILARIOUS! Check out the dance below. Marisa Mendez

(Video) Flash Mob Does “How To Love” On A Subway Train

I’m not sure if you can use the word “flash mob” if they don’t dance…someone school me! Either way, this group of what appeared to be average train riders hit up a local subway and hopped on…only to start singing an acoustic version of Lil Wayne’s “How To Love”. Pretty dope! Watch it below. Marisa Mendez

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