(Photo) Kicks: Nike Lebron 12 Flight Release Info!


When we first saw the Nike Lebron 12 flight sneaker the release date was unknown but now we finally have a release date for the silver & Black Nike Lebron 12 flight sneaker the official release date for the Nike Lebron 12 Flight sneaker is May 1st with a retail price that is set to be $200.00 MSRP!. Will you be copping a pair? Peep The Gallery To See Detailed Images Of The Nike Lebron 12 Flight After The Jump….

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(Photo) Kicks: Upcoming Lebron 12 Flight Inspired Colorway Coming Real Soon!


Here is a look at the Nike Lebron 12 Flight color way this sneaker just surfaced this morning from what we can tell this color way right here will be a head turner & a must cop with that being said this sneaker is inspired by Lebrons chest tattoo which is really dope. This sneaker has a silver hyperposite material with a yellow Nike swoosh outlined in Black you also have your silver megafuse upper with a Black midsole followed by Black laces with your flight logo which is inspired by Lebrons chest tattoo completing the sneaker you have that icy bottom sole. As far as a release date is concerned none has been confirmed as of yet as soon as one is confirmed Inflexwetrust.com will have it here for you. Peep The Gallery To See Detailed Images Of The Nike Lebron 12 Flight Inspired color way After The Jump….

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(Photo) Kicks: Nike Air Flight Huarache Trash Talk Sneaker!


These kicks right here do more Trash Talking then Stone Cold Steve Austin! Here is a look the latest Nike Air Flight Trash Talk Huarache sneaker. This sneaker has an all Black upper with hints of metallic Gold going through out the sneaker you also have scribbling on the upper which relates to the name of the sneaker a whole lot of trash talking you have phrases such as CALL OUT YA MOM on the back ankle area of the sneaker. Completing the sneaker you have your Blacked out Bottom midsole with your Blacked out Bottom sole. As far as a release date is concerned none has been confirmed as soon as one is confirmed Inflexwetrust.com will have it here it for you. Peep the gallery to see detailed images of the Nike Air Flight Trash Talk Huarache sneaker After The Jump…

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Super Diva: Kanye West Holds Up Flight Due To The Distance Of Terminal


Boss, the plane – the plane is still sitting, because it’s waiting on a passenger named, Kanye West.


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(Photos) NFL: Ain’t Trickin’ If You Got It! Desean Jackson’s WEEKLY Flights For Stripper


Well well well, it looks like Desean Jackson has a new girl, and she is a stripper from Arizona! Even better, she is apparently flown out to him EVERY week. The love connection between the Redskins’ star and stripper, who is even seen flickin’ it up with Momma Jackson and Desean’s boy after the game, has made it to social media…Hit the jump for photos!

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(PHOTO) NBA: Nah, He’s Not Dealing With LA Traffic Jams — Here’s How Kobe Gets Home From Practice


This should surprise no one, but in case you aren’t sure how the Black Mamba does it — we’re here to help you.  LA is known for their horrific traffic, so how does Kobe Bryant deal with it?!  He doesn’t.  He gets home another … easier way.
Check it out…

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(Photos) SMFH: Kim Kardashian Talks Racist Woman Telling Her To “Shut That Black Baby Up” ?!

kris jenner talks racist lady comments on north

Kim Kardashian recalled an unfortunate incident in which she experienced prejudice first hand. In a new episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, the Armenian beauty talked about sharing a first class flight with an unpleasant woman, who spewed racial slurs at her and North West. When baby Nori was crying, the bigot screamed to “shut that black baby up”. Too bad Kanye wasn’t there to check the hag! To read more, click below.

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(18+*Photos) WTF!! Woman Busts It Wide Open For US Airways?!?


This is proof you can’t just RT a mention, you might have to actually see if you approve what’s being said with your name in the tweet. US Airways go a tweet from a young lady chick who decided to show just how upset she was at them.

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(Video) Classic: Lion King Cast Sings ‘Circle Of Life’ In Flight Performance!


This makes for the most epic flight ever attended! An Australian Flight got the surprise of a lifetime as they sat aboard the plane, patiently awaiting take off, when a sudden familiar chant began amongst half of the passengers. Watch as the cast of the ‘Lion king’ takes over this plane with the timeless ‘Circle Of Life’.

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(Video/Photos) Could A Cell Tower Find Missing Flight 370?!


At this point there are pretty much nothing but theories, but a possible one is that the plane some how doubled back over Malaysia, and IF they did, and IF passengers had their phones on(which some do, 30% according to TMZ’s report), then the data could be on a tower in the city of Kota Bharu.

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