(Photos) SMFH: Kim Kardashian Talks Racist Woman Telling Her To “Shut That Black Baby Up” ?!

Kim Kardashian recalled an unfortunate incident in which she experienced prejudice first hand. In a new episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, the Armenian beauty talked about sharing a first class flight with an unpleasant woman, who spewed racial slurs at her and North West. When baby Nori was crying, the bigot screamed to “shut that black baby up”. Too bad Kanye wasn’t there to check the hag! To read more, click below.

(18+*Photos) WTF!! Woman Busts It Wide Open For US Airways?!?

This is proof you can’t just RT a mention, you might have to actually see if you approve what’s being said with your name in the tweet. US Airways go a tweet from a young lady chick who decided to show just how upset she was at them.

(Video) Classic: Lion King Cast Sings ‘Circle Of Life’ In Flight Performance!

This makes for the most epic flight ever attended! An Australian Flight got the surprise of a lifetime as they sat aboard the plane, patiently awaiting take off, when a sudden familiar chant began amongst half of the passengers. Watch as the cast of the ‘Lion king’ takes over this plane with the timeless ‘Circle Of Life’.

(Video/Photos) Could A Cell Tower Find Missing Flight 370?!

At this point there are pretty much nothing but theories, but a possible one is that the plane some how doubled back over Malaysia, and IF they did, and IF passengers had their phones on(which some do, 30% according to TMZ’s report), then the data could be on a tower in the city of Kota Bharu.

(News) Unruly Passenger Brings Plane To Canada

If you thought having a crying baby on your flight was annoying, try having a passenger bring your flight to another country. Read the full story after the jump.

Ja Rule & 50 Cent On The Same Flight – With NO PROBLEMS!

50 Cent and Ja Rule in the same place at the same time – what to expect? Most would expect the two New York rappers to be off of that ol’ school beef, but…NAH! On the same flight, and in the same row, these two didn’t fall upon any troubles. Back in September, Ja admits to Hip-Hop DX, “It was a lot going on in that time frame…There was a lot of things that were falling apart for us. It was easy for him to get people to turn on. And there was things that were behind the scenes that y’all don’t see that also made us seem more irrelevant.” After getting out of the pen, Ja is ready to let bygones be bygones with 50. He even has something to say to the people that insisted the beef continue. Hit the jump to see what it was all about.

Caught On Tape: Woman Goes BUCK WILD On A Flight To Tampa!

While aboard a flight to Tampa, Florida, a woman was caught on tape throwing a b*tch fit for no apparent reason. Hit the jump and check it out!

9 Year Old Catches Flight Alone!! To Vegas

Thursday morning a nine year old boy managed to catch a flight from Minnesota to Las Vegas, ALONE!

American Airlines Becomes The First To Do WHAT!?!?

This week American Airlines became the first major carrier to use iPads to replace tons of flight manuals. The program is called Electronic Flight Bag and contains all paper revisions to terminal charts.

(Video)Wait A Minute: United Airlines Forgets WHAT On 10 Hour Flight To London???

No number 2’s on this flight. A United Airlines flight took off from San Francisco this week heading to London but forgot one important amenity TOILET PAPER lol. Apparently the United Airlines crew forgot to stock the plane with toilet paper and gave passengers napkins to wipe with smh. Flights are already expensive as it is the least they can have is toliet paper bruh. The airline did aplogize for the inconvenience and stated that if they had stopped to stock the flight with toilet paper the flight would of been delayed. Man someone getting fired this week for this. Check out the video of this report.

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