(Video) Passenger Misses His Flight And Sues TSA

Almost all travelers know that you must arrive to the airport at least two hours in advance to fly international and at least one hour to fly domestic. Recently the number of passengers missing their flights has reached extreme numbers. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is to blame.

NBA: Woman Says She Booked Secret Flights & Hotel For ‘Numerous Women’ After Kevin Durant Sues Her

IF this story is true, Kevin Durant should have known better.  It’s probably not a good idea to sue someone that knows things that you don’t want the public to know.  KD filed a lawsuit against his travel agent, Lynn Swanson, saying she overcharged him by at least $500,000 for work she did from 2007 to 2012.  Well she sang like a canary about Durant & his team because of it.  Hit the jump for details…

DOPE!!! FAA To Allow Gadgets During Flights Soon!!!

Tell me you never thought that rule was complete BS?! When the Capt. makes that announcement, or flight attendant comes by telling you to put that away, well those days are practically over!!

700 Flights Canceled At Chicago O’Hare Int’l and Midway Airports Due To Heavy Snowfall

Oh no! Hopefully this bad storm isn’t what’s heading our way! (Even though I know it is :-() Hundreds of flights were canceled at O’Hare International and Midway airports today as a snowstorm dumped more than 6 inches of snow in the Chicago area. Full story after the jump! Wendy L.

Tech Talk Security: TSA Has An Issue With Cupcakes???

Apparently there was an issue with A certain Type of Cupcake, but you’ll have to Hit the Jump to see which Cupcake you shouldn’t pack up when taking a flight -_- +TatWZA

Air France Forced To Cancel More Flights After 2nd Day Of Workers’ Strike

A second day of a workers’ strike has forced Air France to cancel more flights. Cabin crews have stopped working due to labor dispute which has forced Air France to cut back on the amount of passengers per flight as well as cutting nine long-haul flights. The airline company is expected to cut 20 percent of around 1,000 from now until Wednesday. Read more after the jump. Julie1205

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