Sports: A Relationship In The Works?! Guess Which Athlete Just Started Following Rihanna on Twitter?!


Could be nothing, but it could be something — and tweets is watching!! So remember on Monday when Rihanna and Tahiry made their #MCM Eagles LB Mychal Kendricks?!  It looks like he could be crushing on Ri Ri as well!!  He followed her on Twitter yesterday (sorry Tahiry).  I wonder if this will turn into something??? — stay tuned!!

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NBA: Tim Duncan’s Girlfriend Brags About Blocking LeBron James on Twitter

IFWT_Duncan Vanessa

Isn’t this just a bit awkward?!  Tim Duncan’s girlfriend took to Twitter to brag about blocking LeBron James on Twitter after he followed her, but there was one tiny problem with it.  He didn’t.  It was a fake page.  I know she was trying to be loyal to Tim, but this wasn’t the way to go about it.  One fan even pointed it out, but she completely ignored it.  I can only imagine LeBron’s reaction to this. Lol.
Check it out…

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Twitter Now Allowing WHAT With DM’s?!


So I wake up and this is what comes my way(Thanks Brina!), You can now allow DM’s from people you’re NOT following and vica versa! This is pretty dope for most people(I wouldn’t do it as I get so much stress from artists I don’t really want stress from). I would like to get in touch with certain people without following them though.

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(Photo) *Updated* NBA: Internet Has A Ball With Lamar Odom’s New Follow on Twitter!

IFWT_Lamar Odom NBA

Lamar Odom doesn’t follow many people on Twitter so when a new one gets added, the media takes notice (esp. with everything surrounding Odom right now).  It’s not a big deal, it’s actually more of a joke than anything.  Check out who Lamar started following & let us know what you think…

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Sports: Oh Really?! Mike Tyson’s Latest Follow On Twitter Is An Interesting One!


Well here’s a lil irony for your day.  You really get to see a lot about people on Twitter.  Someone is always watching!  Mike Tyson is making news because of his latest Twitter follow.  Ummmm, maybe he has some advice for the guy?!  Check out who it is…

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NBA: Kobe Bryant Wants Fan To Change Twitter Name & Will Follow Him IF He Does!


Even if you’re not a Kobe fan, you know you’d be gassed if Kobe started following you on Twitter.  A fan hit up the Black Mamba for a follow and Kobe responded telling him he would IF he changes his Twitter name.  I’m curious to see what this fan does.  Check out who the guy is and why Kobe’s asking him to change his name…

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(PHOTO) NFL: Fellas, You’re Gonna Like Who 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick Follows On Instagram!

IFWT_Colin Kaepernick 12

When I first saw this post on MTO, I thought this was a stupid thing to blog about. THEN I thought about it for a minute and thought, oh wait – the fellas will like this! MTO has been stalking 49ers QB on his Instagram account and realized he follows a ton of sexy ladies, a few athletes, then a ton of sexy ladies. They called him “thirsty” – I call him being a man and an athlete. Lol.
Check out some of his follows after the jump…

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(VIDEO) NCAA: Priceless! AJ McCarron’s Reaction Caught When He Finds Out LeBron Was Following His Girl!


Gotta love having cameras everywhere to catch almost everything.  A.J. McCarron’s girlfriend, Katherine Webb, has gotten TONS of attention since being shown at the BCS Championship.  We shared the story about Darnell Dockett hitting on her and that LeBron James started to follow her on Twitter.

Now we have video of A.J.’s reaction when he first found out about LeBron following Katherine.  It’s pretty funny.  Check it out…


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(PHOTOS) NBA: Lol, This Lady Has No Idea Why Kobe Bryant Is Following Her!

Kobe Bryant Lakers cover pic

I’d love to have this problem!  Kobe, if you need someone to follow … I’m here for you. Lol.

As everyone knows by now, Kobe joined Twitter last Friday … and he just started following people on Sunday. Well he decided to follow a girl named Amara Baptist … but she has no idea why he’s following her!
Check out the story after the jump…


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(Photos) NBA: Competition For Vanessa?! Check Out Who Kobe’s First Follow on Twitter Was!

Kobe Twitter cover pic

Everyone’s had a close eye on Kobe since he joined Twitter and why not?  Most of us have been waiting for a while for the Black Mamba to get back on Twitter.

He’s up to over 500,000 followers and tweeted 9 times since joining on Friday, but what stood out to people?  He was only following 6 people as of late last night (now up to 23) and who was the first person he followed?  A female.  A famous female athlete.  Is she competition for Vanessa?
Find out who it is after the jump…


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