After Much Controversy “Instant Heart Attack” Burger Can Stay On NY Menus

Yes, there is a sandwich called the ‘instant heart attack’. Unfortunately, when it first made it’s way to NY, a restuarant in Las Vegas called “The Heart Attack Grill” sued the family owned deli because of the similarity in names It looks like everything might be resolved. Hit the jump for details. Gernique N

You Thought Olympic Athletes Didn’t Eat? Think Again!

Since they look so fit and have to go to extreme levels of exercise during the Olympics, people may think that they keep their calorie intake to a minimum. False! Some athletes eat about 3,000 calories a day in order to get the “perfect body” and compete in the competition. Hit the jump Steph Bassanini

(Video *NSFW*) Shoppers Show Up NAKED To Grocery Store For Free Food!

In a certain city in Germany, Germans were offered free groceries at a grocery store that had just opened.  In order for these customers to get free food on the grand opening they had to show up naked, with absolutely no clothes on! Hit the jump to see all of the customers that stripped for the store. Steph Basssanini

(Photos) What Do Beyonce & Jay-Z Like To Eat?

Beyonce uses her tumblr to keep us all aware of what’s going on in her world. She posted a photo of some funny personalized food & drinks. Take a look after the jump. Gernique N

Del Taco Employee Stabs Customer Over Order Disagreement

Looks like the workers at Del Taco take their catch phrase “Go Bold or Go Home” a little too serious. A Del Taco employee by the name of Gabriel Villalba stabbed a customer after they argued about the customer’s order. Hit the jump for more details. Gernique N

Tech Talk Gadget: Who Said Meetings Can’t Be Fun! Check Out The Briefcase BBQ!!

Business does not usually mix with pleasure but this stylish briefcase BBQ puts that saying to shame. Want to impress some clients with your special BBQ ribs check out the briefcase BBQ after the jump. ShottaDru X TatWza

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