Two Women Found Dead, Covered In Vomit

Two Canadian women, 20 and 26, were found dead in a hotel in Thailand.  According to reports the two young women died because of extreme food poisoning.  Hit the jump to read the details on how they were found. Steph Bassanini

Tech Talk News: 9 Year Old Student Food Blog Banned Because Of Pics Of School Lunch!

“Started a little blog to get some traffic, Old folks tell you not to play in traffic” – Kanye West

Well 9 year old Martha Payne played in traffic and her blog was blocked by school administration but luckily she was able to have her site reinstated. Check out Martha’s story after the jump. ShottaDru X TatWza

Tech Talk Apps: @Urbanspoon Update Allows You To Reserve And Check Wait list At Restaurants!!

I had Urbanspoon a while ago, it is def handy to find some new food spots. The app had some recent upgrades which will help make your experience event better when trying to grub. Hit the jump for detail on the Urbanspoon update. ShottaDru X TatWza

FOOD: 5 Cocktails Perfect For Cinco De Mayo

Cinco De Mayo is a holiday known for its link to drinks! Go beyond Coronas and store-bought margarita mix – impress guests with these easy-to-make Cinco de Mayo cocktails! Caasi Cofer

FOOD: 9 Foods to Cure a Hangover

Everyone has their own goofy hangover “cure.” I actually always eat a slice of bread when I’m hungover, thinking it will soak up the liquor, LOL. But there are actual scientific reasons why these foods will help ease the hell of your hangover. Check them out below! Caasi Cofer

FOOD: 7 Most Bizarre Restaurants In The World

If you’re a food junkie like me, you eventually get tired of the repetitive dinners at Mr. K’s or Cipriani. It’s normal to want a little excitement in your dining experience. Enjoy a hearty meal on a toilet, in a cave, or at a restaurant where three dead spirits rest. Next time I’m in Vegas it’s on! Check out these bizarre restaurants after the jump! Caasi Cofer

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