(Photo) Check Out This Super Bowl “Snack Tray” … Crazy!!

Super Bowl is just one week away so if you’re planning on throwing a party, you’ll need to start making food arrangements ASAP. I saw this pic floating around the internet so I don’t know which catering company is responsible for such a creation but I had to share it– You can never go wrong with a Super Bowl “Snack Tray” like this!! Check it out after the jump… Wendy L. x Sabrina B. @gametimegirl

Food Talk: NYC Restaurant Week Has Begun!

For those who like fine dining, but don’t like the sometimes outrageous prices, NYC’s 20th Anniversary of Restaurant Week should be right up your alley! You can choose from over 300 restaurants in NYC’s most popular foodie neighborhoods like TriBeCa, Grammercy, Midtown West, the Upper East Side and even a sprinkle of spots in Brooklyn. Fellas, take your lady out somewhere nice this week! Thank me later!  🙂 Find out the meal prices and view the list of participating restaurants below! Caasi Monroe

(Photos) Chimpanzee Starts A Fire And Cooks His Own Meal

Kanzi the chimpanzee has figured out how to a start a fire and cook his own meal! They say chimps have the smartest brains compared to humans and I guess it’s true after seeing these pictures. This is the first time a chimp has done something this developed in skill. Read more and check out pics after the jump. Julie1205

Hot Chocolate or Egg Nog: Which Is Healthier?

It’s the time of year when the two tastiest seasonal drinks are served: Hot coco and Eggnog. Even though they’re both delicious, one is way more healthy than the other! Hit the jump to find out which one can keep your holiday diet more healthful. Wendy L.

Flex Flick: Don’t Laugh!!! Made Kids Pastrami And Mac & Cheese!!!

Funk Flex Find Flex On Google+

Ludacris Opens Up About Running A Successful Restaurant

Everyone knows that Ludacris can rap and act, but few people know that he also runs a very successful Singaporean restaurant. Luda opened his restaurant, Straits Atlanta, in 2007 and raised a few eyebrows when he announced that it would serve Singaporean cuisine, which happens to be the rapper’s favorite. Black Enterprise caught up Luda to talk about the restaurant and it’s success. Read what he said about it after the jump. Julie1205

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