CAASI OUT & ABOUT: Jane Restaurant – Bet you can’t tell me what’s on this plate!

As you all are starting to see, I am a huge foodie. I even coin myself as an epicurean on Twitter LOL but hey – it is true! I love good food and good drinks, so I’m always searching for a new spot to please my taste buds. A friend of mine recommended Jane Restaurant to me a few months back and since then, I’ve been maybe six times for dinner! Thanks Burke 🙂 ! The food is a tad bit pricey to me, but average priced for the area. (My entree was $23). Every dish I’ve had has been amazing, and it’s close to the station! Win, win. Only downside are the $12 cocktails that taste like the bartender isn’t allowed to serve alcohol. So I’d say go for the food, and unless you’re getting a bottle of wine with dinner, just hit a local bar after if you want a drink. Can you take a guess at what’s on my plate above?? @iBLONDEgenius

CAASI OUT & ABOUT: Bet you can’t tell me what’s on this plate!

I think I’m a little obsessed with the food at Delicatessen. I’ve been there 3 days in a row for dinner! Says a lot since I usually can’t stand eating the same thing within the same week. The Nolita restaurant has a real cute, yet simple set-up inside and gets very busy during happy hour. It’s all American menu is filled with mostly comfort food like savory meatloaf, fried chicken, mac&cheese and salads/sandwiches – all priced between $18-$24. Not bad. For all my drinkers – make sure you check out the Spicy Apple Cider! I never thought I’d like a warm alcoholic drink, but it is AMAZINGGGG 🙂 Tell me what I had on my plate above…if you can figure it out! @iBLONDEgenius

CAASI OUT & ABOUT: Bet you can’t tell me what’s on this plate!

So….I had a taste for some niceeee soul food cooking. Didn’t wanna harass my grandma for her famous southern cooking so I decided to check out Brother Jimmy’s. My girl Kalyn told me how scrumptious their food was so I had to try it. Yupppp – I will def be back. Food was spiced just right, reasonably priced (my meal was $18) and it was finger licking good! :) SCORE! Can you tell me what I had on my plate? More pics below. @iBLONDEgenius

CAASI OUT & ABOUT: Bet you can’t you tell me what’s on this plate!

If any of you have been looking for the perfect place to go on a date or if you just feel like experiencing fine dinning – look no further. What Happens When is a temporary pop-up restaurant installation located in Soho that transforms it’s entire menu and decor every 30 days for 9 months! Pretty cool huh? A good friend of mine decided to take me here during Movement No. 3 and all I can say is YUM! The price is $58 prix fixe, so a tad on the pricey side, but trust me when I say it’s worth it! And yes I took pics of every plate I had just for you guys! LOL Check the full meal after the jump – but can you tell me what’s on this plate above? @iBLONDEgenius

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