(Video) Crime Or Color?: More Than 30 Arrested in NY Food Stamp Fraud

30+ Arrests in NY Food Stamp Fraud

So exactly what color is a “welfare queen?” Stereotypes, stigmas and racial profiling don’t apply to the More Than 30 Arrested in NY Food Stamp Fraud. While some ask “does it matter if you’re black or white?” others point out how, well…nobody’s really talking about this. If the arrests were people of color would this be a different story? Is the way we look at food stamp benefits all wrong to begin with?

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Obama Cuts Food Stamp Program By Billions!


I would not want to be in the shoes of the president right now. Barack Obama is getting major backlash for signing a bill that means over the next ten years, $8.7 BILLION will be cut from food stamp programs around the U.S.

Hit the jump for more details.

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Food Stamp Debit Cards Not Working In 17 States Due To???


Shoppers nation wide were very very disappointed yesterday, as they approached the check out line, pulled out their food stamp debit card and swiped yet nothing happened! Hit the jump to find out the source of the problem!

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(Video) Food Stamp Surfer Responds To Negative Backlash!!!


About a month ago FoxNews followed a surfer / rocker who confessed that although he had a job he made little money and relied on food stamps.. and quite frankly, had no issue with it. Fox news pushed the story as a lazy individual milking the government while he surfs and buys sushi all day, yet the Food Stamp surfer has fired back at critics and is telling his story, Hit the jump for more detail!

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(Photos)Really?! Food Stamp Numbers Rise Under Bloomberg’s Tenure!!!

Mayor Bloomberg, nyc.

Mayor Bloomberg is starting to get a little heat after a study was released, hit the jump for more!

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(Video) Talk Tech News: LOL! Woman Arrested For Trying To Buy iPads With Food Stamps Card


Sometimes, it’s hard to believe these stories are true… but it can’t even be made up, even if we tried. A Louisville woman, Tracy Browning, tried to buy iPads with her EBT Card (Food Stamps Card) at the Valley Station Walmart but she gets declined. When she realized it wouldn’t go through, she literally just decides to make a run for it – assaulting a store clerk as she was jetting out. Soon after, she was caught and arrested. I can’t with these people, SMH! See the video after the jump!

Tat Wza x Biz Baby

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Newark Mayor Cory Booker Living Off Food Stamps

Cory Booker

Newark Mayor Cory Booker is going to live off of food stamps for a week, a challenge that he accepted to shed light on the plight of families who have no other options than to use food stamps to survive. A national average shows that people living off food stamps can allocate about $4.44 a day for food. Booker has been using the term #SNAPChallenge on twiiter to spread the word. Hit the jump for more.

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NBA: Chris Bosh’s Baby Mother Allison Matthis is Applying For Food Stamps

IFWT Chris Bosh x Allison Matthis

I hate to post this story especially after saluting NBA father’s but apparently the mother of Chris Bosh’s first child is now applying for food stamps.  Read more after the jump.

Shay Marie x Sabrina B.

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(Video) The New American Dream: Living On FoodStamps In Middle-Class Suburbia

Food Stamps IFWT

Morris County, NJ, which was once one of the country’s wealthiest counties, is now facing a rise in food-stamps. The number of people receiving food stamps in that county has tripled within the past five years. A family who one made six figures a year is now trying to get by on minimum wage. Click below to hear their story, and to see the reality of the American Dream.

Melissa Nash

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Million Dollar Lotto Winner Continues To Collect $200 A Month In Food Stamp Money

Amanda Clayton hit the jackpot, winning one million dollars in the Michigan lottery. So, why is she still collecting welfare from the government? One roast coming up, Why do I feel like she is going to have to pay back what the government has gave her since collectiing the prize money? CLick below to find out more.

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