22 Arrested In The Largest Food Stamp Fraud In U.S. History

The Opa-locka Hialeah Flea Market in Miami stole more than 13 million dollars since it started its food stamp scheme. I’m surprised they didn’t get caught sooner because of how openly they were in constant contact with the government.

(Video) SMH: Woman Goes Off On A Man For Using Food Stamps In A Grocery Store

Some people just truly have no heart. In a video that surfaced the internet, a woman is seen going off on a man who is paying for his groceries using food stamps. The woman can be heard telling the man that her hard earned money is used to pay for his food stamps. The man who by the way has his child in a car seat, is trying to shut the woman up. This woman was clearly out of line if you ask me. She does not know this man from a can of paint so who is she to judge his situation?

(Video) Crime Or Color?: More Than 30 Arrested in NY Food Stamp Fraud

So exactly what color is a “welfare queen?” Stereotypes, stigmas and racial profiling don’t apply to the More Than 30 Arrested in NY Food Stamp Fraud. While some ask “does it matter if you’re black or white?” others point out how, well…nobody’s really talking about this. If the arrests were people of color would this be a different story? Is the way we look at food stamp benefits all wrong to begin with?

Obama Cuts Food Stamp Program By Billions!

I would not want to be in the shoes of the president right now. Barack Obama is getting major backlash for signing a bill that means over the next ten years, $8.7 BILLION will be cut from food stamp programs around the U.S. Hit the jump for more details.

Food Stamp Debit Cards Not Working In 17 States Due To???

Shoppers nation wide were very very disappointed yesterday, as they approached the check out line, pulled out their food stamp debit card and swiped yet nothing happened! Hit the jump to find out the source of the problem!

(Video) Food Stamp Surfer Responds To Negative Backlash!!!

About a month ago FoxNews followed a surfer / rocker who confessed that although he had a job he made little money and relied on food stamps.. and quite frankly, had no issue with it. Fox news pushed the story as a lazy individual milking the government while he surfs and buys sushi all day, yet the Food Stamp surfer has fired back at critics and is telling his story, Hit the jump for more detail!

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