Man That Was Pronounced Dead And Then Found Alive Has Died

Walter “Snowball” Williams, the man that was found alive in a body bag after mistakenly being pronounced dead has died. He died Thursday and his families says they’re just thankful to have had more time with him. Read the full story after the jump.

(Photos) Bitcoin CEO Found Dead After 1st Bitcoin Bank Is Robbed

I might be a ‘bit’ on a conspiracy theorist, but this is one odd ass ‘coin’cidence. 28 year old(American) Bitcoin CEO Autumn Radtke was found dead in Singapore, with what is being called(for now) an apparent suicide by local authorities, which is like a day after the 1st Bitcoin bank, Flexcoin, was hacked and robbed, come on man, this is crazy, some real ‘Jason Bourne conspiracy’ stuff man.

(Video) Dad Finds Out His Son Was Dead Body On Google Maps

He’s actually asking Google to take down the mapped image to be taken down as it’s disrespectful to his family.

(Photos) Did Google Maps Find A Dead Body?!

In a sense yes, they didn’t find it before the cops, but by the looks of it, Gmaps found it just after they did.

(Photos) Nasty! Rodent Fur Found In Heinz Ketchup WHERE?!?!

More disgusting news for ya. This time, it’s from beautiful Brazil. Despite it’s apparent beauty, health officials discovered rodent fur in a batch of Heinz ketchup. The contaminated condiment was actually made in Mexico and imported to Brazil, so officials have now launched investigations in both countries to determine the cause of such a discovery. In the meantime, the entire batch of ketchup has been discarded and removed from circulation. Despite the disgust, it’s not completely uncommon for vermin to show up in food. Hit the jump for pics of situations like this.

(Photos) Real-Life Vampire Cemetery Found In Poland

Unlike other fables and fairy tales, it seems that Vampire tales were actually based on real events. Recently, in Poland, construction workers who were building a road came across 17 skeletons that were buried in a very odd way. Their heads were off and placed between either their knees or in their hands. Archaeologists believe that they were the corpses of presumed vampires and where buried that way to prevent them from rising again. Hit the jump and check out a pic of the bodies.

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