NFL: Key Pieces of Evidence Found In Aaron Hernandez Case

The case against Aaron Hernandez just keeps building.  Investigators have reportedly found several items that could be key pieces of evidence. Report after the jump…

(Photo + Video) Car Found With Dead Body Believed To Be Missing Louisiana Teacher!!!

Louisiana teacher, Terrilyn Monette had been missing since March 2nd, after celebrating her nomination for “Teacher Of The Year.” Today, divers have recovered her car from Bayou St. John, and inside–a dead body. As of now, it is unclear whether or not the body belongs to the teacher. Check out the video for more info…

(Video) Man Finds $150,000 Comic Book Inside Insulation Of His House

A Minnesota man found a gold mine hidden in the walls of a house he had just purchased. Realizing the house would need significant work the man began to pull out some of the insulation and found comic books one in particular happened to be Action Comics #1, the first ever appearance of Superman making this one of the rarest comics of all time. The initial price for the comic is $150,000 but due to it’s condition the price will start at $127,000 and is sure to climb up when ever the owner is ready to put it to auction. Watch the video down bellow.

50 Cent Puts Gunplay’s Stolen MMG CHAIN In His Video !?!? I Smell Trouble !!!

When it comes to music video’s I may be falling behind, but I had to watch 50 Cent’s “Major Distribution” for this one. We all know that after the BET awards Gunplay and 50 got into an altercation for lack of a better term, and from that point on Gunplay’s MMG chain turned up missing. Well, it has surfaced to the top – in 50’s new video, around his son’s neck none the less. 50 kind-of-sorta admitted to taking the chain, but I think this is somewhat PROOF. I doubt it if he would spend money to make an MMG chain, just to put it in his video, and PRETEND that he stole it. Check the video out AGAIN !!! JaaiR (JR)

(Photo) So Awesome! After 24 Years, Rhymefest Finds His Father In A Homeless Shelter!

What a wonderful story! 35-year-old Rhymefest hadn’t seen his father since he was 11 but last week…that all changed! “It was not until I hugged him that I realized how much I missed having a dad around,” he said in an interview following their reunion. “I immediately started hugging him, as I cried my eyes out. I had been telling people my son was a famous rapper but nobody believed me,” his father added. So nice! Find out how they made it happen below. Marisa Mendez

MLB: Million-Dollar Rare Baseball Card Collection Found in Ohio Attic

Sabrina B. Karl Kissner picked up a soot-covered cardboard box that had been under a wooden dollhouse in his grandfather’s attic. Taking a look inside, he saw baseball cards bundled with twine. They were smaller than the ones he was used to seeing.

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