(Photos) Nerdy Brawl at the White House Correspondence Dinner!!

A fight broke out at the White House Correspondence Dinner between reporters from Fox News and the Huffington Post!

(Videos) Bernie Supporter Schools Fox Host!

(Video) Dame Dash Says Fox News Pays Stacey Dash Handsomely For Her Stupid Commentary

To hear the name Dash associated with the word coon is not something Dame Dash is too happy about. The Harlem artist has come a long way since the #TweetLikeDameDash takeover took place. Most of us know that Dame is the cousin of Stacey Dash. With that being said, most has inquired on what he’s thought about Stacey’s recent comments about ridding the world of BET (and BET hilariously comes back for Stacey) and/or Black History Month (idiot). Via Skype, Dame chatted with business friend Boyce Watkin to reveal his true feelings on the comments circulating. “I’m use to it. Stacy is always going to say something to invoke an emotion,” he says of the comments that has the Black community thinking of ways to disown the lady. “It’s annoying to have a cousin that looks like that, and has an opinion and works for Fox News.”

(Video) Really Now? : White Fox News Co-Host Asks Black Co-Host If She ‘Makes Kool-Aid’

My God, this really couldn’t have been any more awkward, the little girl’s face says it all. It’s actually so awkward that for the slightest second you almost feel bad for him but then that goes away just as fast as it came. I guess this host thought it was necessary to play into the stereotype that all African Americans drink Kool-Aid, having no beef to ask the African American host if she was sippin’ on Kool-Aid with her well cooked meal; look into the article to see this subtle racism at it’s finest, smh.

(Video) Girl Gets Destroyed On Fox News Debating About Free College

I really feel bad for this girl. Sadly, a young college student went on Fox News Business to discuss about the opportunity of college being free in America. However, she completely gets schooled on national TV. Hit the jump to watch.

(Video) Somebody Come Get This Man: Bill O’Reilly Suggest President Obama Is “Sympathetic” To “Cop Killing” For Supporting #BlackLivesMatters

Why are we not surprised. Republican advocate Bill O’Reilly has been known to bash our President, our country and especially the African-American community. Well he’s back at it again, trying to kill two birds with one stone: the President and the African-American Community. Saying President Obama’s support for the Black Lives Matter movement is a support of the undermining of law enforcement and the murdering of cops.

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