(Video) SMH: Fox News Anchor Makes Insensitive & Rude Comment About Robin Williams’ Death

Robin Williams’ extreme depression caught up with him on Sunday night when he decided to end his life by committing suicide. Many people from both Hollywood and his family have issued statements honoring the late actor and expressing their extreme sorrow for his loss. However, leave it to Fox News to be insensitive far too soon. News anchor Shepard Smith was reporting on Williams’ death when he chose to dub Williams as “a coward” for taking his own life. He is now feeling the wrath for his rude comment about Williams’ death. There’s a time and a place and it is just FAR too soon. Take a look at the news clip that’s causing extreme controversy below. R.I.P. Robin Williams, may you rest in eternal peace.

Stacey Dash Responds To Kanye Comparing Paparazzi And Rape

The very vocal Stacey Dash has taken to Fox News’ ‘Outnumbered’ show, to respond to Yeezus’ comparisons about the harassement of Paparazzi being the same as a victim of sexual violation. check out her full response below.

Stacey Dash Works For Fox News Channel Now – What A Surprise…

…NOT! Stacey Dash has a new role a tab bit different than what we are use to seeing her in. This go ’round, Dash links up with Fox News as a contributor. Basically, her twitter rants got her the job. Hit the jump for more.

(Video) Fox News Anchor Arrested After Doing What?!

Fox News Corresponder Gregg Jarrett seems to have partied a bit too hard, after he was arrested during a drunken incident at a bar in the Minneapolis St-Paul airport! The anchormen was set free on a bail of $300, and Fox News has responded to his actions by stating that “He is dealing with serious personal issues at this time”.

(Video) Fox News Slams #BringBackOurGirls

As the fight continues to bring back over 200 kidnapped Nigerian school girl, kidnapped by extreme Islamist militants, Fox News felt it was the appropriate time to bash those who are using the #BringBackOur Girls hash-tag to raise awareness.

(Video) Fox News Cuts Out Mention Of Evolution During Air Of ‘Cosmos’ Show!

The conservative Fox News station has showed just how right wing they are, as they seem to have cut out the grand topic of evolution when host Neil deGrasse Tyson brought it up during the premiere episode of ‘Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey’! Check out the Fox News clip below, showing the “operating error” stated by Fox correspondents, below.

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