(Video) LMAO: Fox News Reporter Interviews Ditzy Runners During Marathon

As A Fox News Reporter made her way towards the LA Marathon to interview those in attendance, she was blessed by two women with their air headed presence, and let’s just say she would’ve been better off without interviewing anyone at all. Check out the hilarious clip below!

(Video) ‘SNL’ Takes On Megyn Kelly With A Black Santa Claus!

SNL cast member Kenan Thompson has revealed the biggest secret of all secrets, and I’m sure Fox News correspondent Megyn Kelly will be blown away at this one! Thompson took to a broadcasting news show to expose that Santa is actually “Black as hell”, and he’s not surprised that the man is taking credit for his accomplishments, Hit the jump for the hilarious clip!

(Video) Fox News Megyn Kelly Won’t Apologize For Declaring Jesus & Santa Claus Could Only Be White?!

SMH at Fox News, why do you still have this lady on air? Fox New’s anchor, Megyn Kelly, refuses to apologize for her racist and hurtful comments she made live on air on Wednesday. Kelly declared to children that she was tired of hearing about an option to make Santa Claus, black or white, and declared that Kris Kringle himself could only be white . . . Oh and Jesus too! Instead of apologizing, she went on to defend herself as a victim and said that Fox News is always a target. Kelly also said that she was trying to bring humor to the show and said her comment fell onto the ears of humorless people. To see Megyn Kelly’s “Santa Claus” segment, click below.

(Video) Fox News Guest Says What About Rape Victim???

Guest Attorney Joseph DiBenedetto took to the Fox newsroom to give his 2 cents on a Missouri Rape case of a young girl claiming to have been assaulted by a popular football player classmate. I’m sure everyone would have preferred he’d keep his opinions to himself as he began by placing blame on the victim stating: “Im not saying she deserved to be raped, but…” hit the jump to watch the rest!

(Video) Food Stamp Surfer Responds To Negative Backlash!!!

About a month ago FoxNews followed a surfer / rocker who confessed that although he had a job he made little money and relied on food stamps.. and quite frankly, had no issue with it. Fox news pushed the story as a lazy individual milking the government while he surfs and buys sushi all day, yet the Food Stamp surfer has fired back at critics and is telling his story, Hit the jump for more detail!

(Video) Fox News Calls Jay Z’s Rap Music, “Despicable” & “Filled With Misogyny!”

It was suppose to be a celebration of, the 50th Anniversary of The March On Washington, but it was turned into a bash on today’s rap music. Fox News is worldly known for being controversial with their beliefs dated back to the 1800s, but now their comparing music of the 60s to today’s rap. Hit the jump for the details.

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