WATCH LIVE: President Obama Set To Make Remarks On Syria

President Obama will be addressing the current situation going on in Syria at 1:15 P.M. est. in the Rose Garden. Tune into Fox News to check out the live coverage.

Warning: Is The IRS Out To Get You?!?

Business owners all over the U.S. have been getting bombarded with letters from the IRS that seem to have everyone in a frenzy. These letters are asking if they have been properly reporting all of their cash income because apparently, the IRS feels that these small businesses aren’t being truthful about how much $$ they’re ACTUALLY bringing in. Could the IRS be purposely targeting small business owners?

(Video) Bill O’Reilly Thinks Lil Wayne’s ‘Stupid Raps’ Are To Blame For Corrupted Youth

According to Bill O’Reilly, Lil Wayne’s questionable lyrics are the reason why “young black youth” are not succeeding in life. SMH. He uses a clip of Weezy and Future’s ‘Karate Chop’ and says those type of lyrics are brain-washing young kids of color to act out, do drugs, and get into trouble. Hit the jump and hear Bill’s full rant that on The O’Reilly Factor.

(Photo) Check What This 9-Year-Old Has To Say About Fox News!!!

Kids say the darndest things … and sometimes even the truth! However, 9-year-old Alex chose to write his truths. Hit the jump to see what he says about the notorious Fox News!

Wait A Minute: Pregnant Woman Dies, Gives Birth, Then What???

This is crazy. A pregnant teacher in Texas Collapsed at her job and her co-workers saved her by giving her CPR because her heart stopped beating. The co-workers were able to get her heart beating again but as the ambulance arrived it stopped again. Check out what happen with the baby and the mother as they arrived at the hospital.

The Justice Department Has Confiscated The Records Of A Fox Journalist Too !?!?

The Justice Department is breaking all kinds of amendment rights! As a journalist, you have the right to keep your sources and material to yourself, but of course the government in this great U.S.A. – the main ones who are suppose to abide by it – doesn’t understand that. To catch you all up; the people of Washington had received some information that Fox journalist, James Rosen was a part of some correspondent’s conversations and visits as part of an investigation into a possible leak in the department, which is why they secretly – at one point – took two months worth of phone records from the Associated Press (probably THE top leading news source). Now, they’ve taken records dealing with Rosen. The FBI is saying that for a story, Rosen broke the law by, “at the very least, either as an aider, abettor and/or co-conspirator.” This has the potential to go down in history, since there has never been a journalist whose been prosecuted for publishing information on a story from a secret source. Executive VP, Michael Clemente of Fox News has Rosen’s back all the way. Drop down bottom and see what he had to say.

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