(Photo/Video) More iPhone 6 Leaks, Including Info About The Battery You May Want To Hear!!!

Leaks pon Leaks Pon Leaks, I love Apple, but I’m starting to get bored with all these damn leaks, like today, we have the actual back panel, in black, like ok ok, BUT then I ran across this info about the battery that leaked, that I think you want to know!!

(Photo/Video) The Next iPhone To Be Built Like No Other iPhone!!

Foxconn has decided to bring in 10,000 robots for a whole new assembly line, and Apple will be the 1st company to gain from this!!

(Photos) REAL iPhone 6 Frame And More Leaks, See How Thin It Is!!!!

This shows us a couple things, like yes how thin it is, and it’s going to be metal, Not plastic!

(Photo) The REAL Shell from The iPhone 6 Leaks!!!

This makes total sense, the WWDC is Monday, so the world will see what’s really going on with this iPhone situation, is it 2, is this the 6c, Aug or Sept, metal or plastic…..All questions will be officially answered on Monday, but until then, let’s look at this!!

(Photos) More Proof Of The iPhone 6’s Size!!!

This is almost a real thirsty move, except we are all really thirsty for the newest iPhone, so let’s carry on!

(Photo) Here We Go!!! Pic Of iPhone 6 At Factory Leaks!!!

These are the Posts I live for!! All I know is they’re testing the iPhone out, not much else to say but check it out and tell me what you think!!

Here’s What The iPhone 5S And 5C REALLY Cost!!

This happens every time a new iPhone drops, a company named IHS finds out the bottom line $ it costs Apple to make the iPhone. Then we get an idea what they are charging us to make their profit.

Apple Seeking Experts In WHAT For Their Chinese Operation??

Apple’s LinkedIn page for China has revealed that the Cupertino based tech giant is seeking to expand hiring in some key areas in China. Among them are environmental affairs, security and retail. Environmentalists have long been opposed to Apple’s manufacturing practices. Foxconn, Apple’s largest manufacturing partner, contracts for a great deal of technology companies’ manufacturing. Apple always aims to be ahead of the curve, and their aluminum and glass devices are arguably more environmentally friendly (and recyclable) than the plastic offerings by their competitors. We’ll have to wait and see if these new hires will lead to more environmentally conscious manufacturing processes from Apple for our favorite iDevices.

Mozilla Teams Up With THIS Comapny!!!!

Mozilla is teaming up with Apple hardware-maker, Foxconn. The companies will be releasing a new mobile device that runs on Firefox OS.

Foxconn Goes On A Hiring Spree

Foxconn, one of Apple’s partners, is getting ready for something major. The company has reportedly is increasing its staff in Zhengzhou, China ahead of plans to start iPhone 5S production. The new hires will be responsible for building existing iPhone models as well as the iPhone 5S.

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