(Photo) Chinese Billionaire Takes More Then Half Of Employees On A Trip!

Chinese billionaire took 6,400 employees on a trip to France

(Fellas Check The Pics) Kim K Lets Her Busty Chest Show In A Bra!

Fellas, check out Kim K showing off her busty chest in a bra while she visited France in the gallery!

(Photos) WOW! More Than 200 Skeletons Found Under A Supermarket!

More than 200 skeletons were found under a supermarket in Paris. The skeletons are thought to be hundreds of years old. Check out the photos of the skeletons in the gallery and read more on the story after the jump!

Charlie Hebdo Paris Hostage Situation Ends In The Death Of Terrorists; 12 Hostages

During the Paris terror crisis, two hostage takers have possibly turned into four; three dead and one is wanted. The French terrorists attacked Charlie Hebdo, a French magazine. Brothers Cherif and Said Kouachi charged the magazine and proceeded to gun down 12 hostages, including French police. A nearby kosher grocery store in eastern Paris was also a prison for hostages that included a man Amedy Coulibaly, 32, of African decent and his accomplice/girlfriend, Hayat Boumeddiene, 26, whom both were linked to the brothers. Find out more details after the jump.

Spicy Food Boosts Testosterone!

A new study has shown that men who have spicy food in their diet are more likely to have higher testosterone levels.

(Video) Beyonce and Jay Z Gush Over Each Other At Final Show

Awwwww guys! Beyonce and Jay Z keep silencing their haters with PDA activity every where they go – even if it’s on stage. For their final show in Paris, France, they let everyone know how ‘Crazy in Love’ they actually are. Read more below.

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