(Photos) WOW: Boosie Loses 469K From Bank!

Losing money is no joke, especially when it’s some serious big bucks. Boosie went on a rant on Instagram sharing how livid he is with his bank.

President Of New York City Correction Officer’s Union Locked Up For Fraud

Norman Seabrook, until this morning was the President of the New York City Correction Officer’s Benevolent Association. He was arrested in his Bronx home on federal fraud charges, after 21 years of service. Seabrook was a corrections officer since 1985.

NBA: Kermit Washington Faces 45 Years For Creating Charity & Using Funds For Rent, Vacays & More

Former NBA All-Star Kermit Washington faces 45 years in prison for allegedly running a scheme where he stole hundreds of thousands of dollars that was supposed to help needy people in Africa, according to officials.

22 Arrested In The Largest Food Stamp Fraud In U.S. History

The Opa-locka Hialeah Flea Market in Miami stole more than 13 million dollars since it started its food stamp scheme. I’m surprised they didn’t get caught sooner because of how openly they were in constant contact with the government.

Apple Employee Caught Scamming $1M In Gift Cards!

This guy….so if you’re an Apple employee and you’re looking for extra benefits, this is probably NOT the way!! a Former Apple Employee Caught Scamming an Apple store, took it upon himself to scam using the Apple gift cards to racked up $997K in fraudulent purchases, and it only took him 3 months!!

Coca-Cola Admits To Bribing Health Experts

It takes money to make money, right? Well, Coca Cola just admitted to funding 115 health experts to manufacture studies. Hit the jump to find out exactly how many millions and for what kinds of perks.

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