(Photo) Whoa! Check Out The Scam That Allowed A Guy To Scam Apple For $309K

I mean he got super lucky with getting away with walking into an Apple store, using a debit card that was connected to a closed account, ‘purchasing’ $7200 worth of Apple equipment, but then to go back and do it 42 times 0_o

Struggle Rapper on Catfish Is Which Female R&B Artist’s SON?!

  Lil Mo is no stranger to scandal. In a recent interview she unveiled that she saw signs that her ex-husband was cheating on her when they were conducting a three-some and the chemistry between him and the other woman seemed too genuine. Now, Lil Mo reveals that Catfish star and known scam artist in the D.C. area is actually the biological kid of her ex-husband Gus Stone. Check out her long speech she made via Instagram confronting the situation, after the jump.

She Tricked Her Sister & 300 Others To Believe She Had Cancer???

How desperate can a person be to fake cancer to her close family, friends, and her community?? Obviously, this woman was extremely desperate because she did exactly that. Hit the jump for more details.

MLB:(Photo) Fan Kicked Out Of Game For Wearing This??

This story is ridiculous. A fan at a Milwaukee Brewers game last night was told she had change her shirt or leave. What was so bad about the shirt? Nothing at all! The woman altered her Ryan Braun shirt to say “Fraud” on the back instead of Braun. Security told her she had to go or change the shirt. The team later said security should of never talked to her about it and they offered her free tickets to another game. You can’t sensor fans when it is the truth. Hit the jump to see the shirt.

SMH! Wyclef’s Foundation Being Sued For Not Paying Bill

Well, as has been its reputation for the last couple of years, Wyclef’s foundation, Yele Haiti, is in the news again. This time, they’re being sued by a consulting firm for not making good on a bill. YIKES! According to EurWeb Yéle Haiti is being sued by HVC Global Hospitality Services for allegedly stiffing them on a bill with a balance of $108,972. Read more after the jump…….

(Video) This Woman Wins ‘World’s Worst Mother’ For Cancer Scheme!!!

A New Jersey mother is now under arrest for fooling family and neighbors into giving her money for her son’s alleged colon cancer. Not only is there no cancer, she even fooled her own son into thinking he was really sick. She has been charged with multiple counts of fraud and child endangerment. Check out this crazy video after the jump.

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