Beyonce Is Writing A Movie About Freak Show Performer With Giant Rear

Beyonce has a new goal in mind, even after all her success. She wants to win an Oscar. We know of Bey’s previous work as an actress starring in the movies Obsessed, Austin Powers, Dreamgirls and so on and so forth. Although they were hit movies, Queen Bey still feels she is not taken as serious as an actress as she is a musician. So what do you if you have all the tools and power as such a Beyonce? You write a movie! Hit the jump for the full story.

(Photos) Lindsay Lohan Exposes Her True Colors For Terry Richardson

In recent weeks, we’ve learned that LiLo is a freak to the stars and a party girl to the max. Who best to let more hang out to than the photographer to the stars, Terry Richardson. Lindsay shows a little skin and makes cigarette smoking look good (kids, cigarette smoking is bad) in this new photo shoot. Check out the gallery for more.

(18+*Video) Woman Enjoys A Banana The Freak Way!!!

Fellas, if your girl ‘eats’ a banana like this, marry her!!

(Audio) WHOA! Listen To Monica Lewinsky Offer To Get NAKED For Bill Clinton!

News leaked that the sex tape would be released, but I’m guessing were going to be lead up to that. Here we can hear Monica Lewinsky pull out her inner #FREAK, as she offers, Bill Clinton a peak at the goodies. What if Anthony Weiner linked this just to take attention away from him? LOL – just a thought! Hit the jump and check it out.

(Photos) Whoa! Nicki Minaj Is Kind Of A Freak!

Nicki Minaj’s lyrics are definitely not on the PG side most times, but you can chock that up to her being an entertainer. Though Twitter is also for entertainment, some of it is definitely “real life” and judging by some of Onika’s tweets, our girl is definitely about that life! Ha! Check out some of her tweets in the gallery. Get it, bew bew!

Which R&B Singer Is Trying To Get At Kelly Rowland ???

Do you remember Sammie? He was a boy when he came out with “I Like It” and “Crazy Things I Do”, but now, he’s a grown man. He shows us that much with his twitter reaction to Kelly Rowland presenting at the GRAMMYs. Drop down bottom and check out what he says. FREAK ???

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