NBA: Stephen Curry Optimistic He Will Re-Sign With Warriors in Free Agency

If there was any doubt that Stephen Curry would re-sign with the Golden State Warriors, he put that to bed during media day.  The sharpshooter made it clear that he intends to stay with the western conference champions.  With all these big contracts recently signed, it’s been pointed out over and over again that Curry’s contract was significantly less considering his talent, but that contract was signed long ago before the MVPs when his ankle was still fragile.  The Warriors have a chance now to make that up and there’s no doubt that they will.

(Photos) Sports: NFL Players Are Mad They Didn’t Play In The NBA After The First Day Of Free Agency

With so many NBA players cashing in yesterday and the rest of this week for that matter, it’s easy to be envious of the money being thrown at them. About $1.7 billion dollars were committed yesterday alone to free agents with the majority of them being overpaid considering their output on the court. You had the record breaking contract of Mike Conley for five years/$153 million, which makes him the highest paid player in league history but there was much more spending going on than that. NFL players took notice and couldn’t help but feel a certain way seeing as they put their bodies on the line and make much less than their NBA counterparts. Some of them expressed themselves on twitter while all the deals were going down. It’s much easier to pay 12-15 guys on an NBA roster than it is to pay 53-60 players on an NFL team. Check the gallery to see how they were feeling.

NBA: First Two Teams Secure Free Agency Meeting With Dwight Howard

Kevin Durant is the biggest free agent available but there are other big names for the taking.  For instance, Dwight Howard is available AGAIN.  We’re far from the days of Dwightmare due to injuries and his lowered production but teams are still on the hunt for a big man and sources say he will meet with up to five.  Now we have the first two.

NBA Report: Kevin Durant Has 6 Teams on List of Free Agency Meetings & Is Considering One More

It’s almost time for Kevin Durant to make the biggest decision of his career and he has added three more teams to his list of meetings in free agency.

NBA Report: Warriors Very Interested in Signing Dirk Nowitzki in Free Agency

The main story in free agency is Kevin Durant, and although the Golden State Warriors are very interested in him, they also have their eyes set on Dirk Nowitzki.

NBA Report: Kevin Durant Holding Free Agency Meetings in LA; Interested in Warriors

The Golden State Warriors lost the NBA championship to the Cleveland Cavaliers but are ready to move on and build for a crack at it next season.  While most considered the Warriors to be a complete team with no needs, them losing to the Cavaliers suddenly changed things; now Kevin Durant makes perfect sense.  Durant becomes a free agent July 1st and has decided to hold meetings in Los Angeles instead of New York.  The Warriors are reportedly his most intriguing option should he decide to leave the Oklahoma City Thunder.

NBA: Kevin Durant Says He’s Not Going on a Recruiting Tour Like LeBron: ‘I’m not that type of person’

Basically expect a lot of Kevin Durant free agency articles until he makes a damn decision.  But anyway here’s one more.  We all know Durant is more modest than others; when he signed his previous extension with OKC back in 2010, he did it very quietly.  This time around, although he’s not absolutely re-signing with OKC, he’s still not doing a long, drawn-out tour.  Woohoo, that means less of these articles.  But for now, read more about what he had to say…

NBA: Kobe Bryant Gives Kevin Durant Free Agency Advice

Kevin Durant is the biggest name in free agency this summer and everyone is wondering what his decision will be.  He seems very loyal to what he calls “home” with the Oklahoma City Thunder but retired NBA superstar Kobe Bryant says Durant should look at every opportunity.

NBA: Report, David West Gives Up More Than $10 Million Dollars To Sign One Year Deal With The Spurs!

The Spurs are going all in! Instead of the annual anticipated demise of the “old” Spurs, here they are once again showing why they might be the best run organization in sports. Reports say the Spurs convinced David West to come sign a one year deal for the league minimum when he could have made millions more elsewhere.

(Photos) NBA: Kevin Durant Has An Interesting Opinion About LaMarcus Aldridge To The Spurs

Oklahoma City fans who are already feeling insecure about Kevin Durant’s impending free agency next season might not want to read this. Then again, KD’s thoughts about LaMarcus Aldridge going to the Spurs could be seen as a positive for OKC fans.

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