(Photos+Video) Mother Accused Of Killing Children And Storing Bodies In Freezer

A custody hearing ensued last week for a Detroit Mother accused of killing her children and storing bodies in a freezer. The hearing ascertains her parental rights for her surviving children.

(Photos + Video) Mother Who Killed Her Children Made Daughter Put Bodies In A Freezer!

Mitchelle Blair, 35, confessed to Detroit police that she killed two of her children and stored their bodies in a home freezer. Blair’s two living children, an 8-year-old boy and a 17-year-old girl knew that their siblings had been killed and that the bodies were hidden in the freezer. Her daughter is saying that Blair made her put her dead sister’s body the freezer. Check out the photos and video as well and read more on the horrific story below!

Man Is Sentenced To 16 Years In Prison After Putting Baby In Freezer

Seriously, what’s good with people putting their children in the freezer?! A 25 year old man was sentenced to 16 years in prison after putting his 6 week old daughter in the freezer. I understand people can get overwhelmed with a crying baby but putting the child in the freezer? Is the crib overrated ?! Read the full story after the jump.

Boxing: Retired Boxer Murdered; Body Parts Found in Freezer!

Shaun Cummins, a British boxer who retired in 1995, was found dead in his home in England last Wednesday. GameTimeGirl

Cafe Owner Got Locked In Freezer And Died

Jay Luther, a 47 year old cafe owner, got trapped inside a walk-in freezer overnight without a cell phone and died. Authorities say he died from the carbon monoxide vapors. Click below to read more. Melissa Nash

Woman Stuffs Dead Father In Freezer For 2 Years While She Collected His S.S Checks

Deborah Fisher, a 58-year-old Louisiana woman was jailed Thursday after she allegedly stored her dead father’s body in an ice chest for years while she collected his Social Security chest. Police say Fisher’s father died up to two years ago. Click below to read the rest of the story. @WiLMajor

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