(Audio + Photos) Conway Responds To Meek Mill For Putting Him On Blast & Calls Him “Hollywood” !!!

Whoa! This s**t just got real. Conway, a “producer” from North Philly was put on blast, by Meek Mill for asking for $5,000. Now, he’s saying that he’s OWED the money for producing “Flamers 1&2” mixtapes. Conway says, “It’s safe to say that Meek went ‘Hollywood’.” He’s letting this new found fame go to his head, especially after coming from the bottom. I say that if it’s been a year, why are you asking this dude for money? On the other hand, I can also say that exposing the dude was lame. And I Love Meek! Drop down bottom to see what else the ol’ friend of Meek’s had to say.

Auto:(Video) Which NBA Player Had His Car Destroyed By His Friend?

Damn man, did you really do that to a $200,000 car thatis NOT yours?? This is why you don’t lend people your car. Forget about getting it back with a coffee stain in the rug, or messy inside. How about if you find your car parked inside your building, and by inside, I literally mean inside! Jordan Hill of the Los Angeles Lakers lent his Bentley out to his friend for the night. He will forever regret that decision. His friend decided to get drunk that night and valet park the car inside the lobby of Hill’s condo complex. He was so drunk he crashed the car through the actual building and it wound up in the lobby destroyed and covered in glass and other building fixtures. After being taken care of by paramedics, his friend was arrested and booked for DUI. Good luck to Hill trying to get that covered by insurance. Check out the video from the scene after the jump.

(Photo) Stupidity! A Wanna Be Rapper Shoots Friend In The Head Just To Join The Illuminati

I am going to need the courts to give him a psychological test. This cat had to be on some PCP type mess. Wafeeq Sabir El-Amin, 27, thought that in order for him to become a prominent member of the ILLUMINATI, he would have to sacrifice his friend by shooting him in the head. The unidentified friend says that he awoke to El-Amin over him with a gun stating that he needed to be sacraficed, and then proceeded to shot him in the head. The bullet ricocheted, sending bone and skin fragments into the victim’s eye. The friend was able to wrestle the gun out of his hand and shot him in the stomackh.Drop down bottom to see what happens to the fool.

(Photo) Miley Cyrus’s Naked A*S Friend Is Riding Shot Gun !!!

With Miley Cyrus’s new hair-du this year came a new attitude. With that attitude came new friends. Could this be her protector? Drop down bottom please. JaaiR (JR)

(Check The Flick*NSFW*) Joe Budden Showing Off His Favorite Beauty In The Water!

According Joe Budden , his lady friend thinks she’s a fish.  He shows off his his friend while she’s enjoying the sun in his swimming pool with a tiny swimsuit on.  Hit the jump to see his mermaid. Steph Bassanini

(Video) A Mother Jailed For Raping Her Son’s Friend And Sending Him Love Letters In Burritos!

Amy Blose,38, is going to be facing 15 years of jail after raping and sodomizing a boy in the 7th grade, a friend of her son.  Originally her secret was discovered after the boy’s mom found dirty text messages in her son’s phone, which Amy was arrested for.  She then continued to try to get in contact with the boy against court orders and wrote a love note and wrapped it in a breakfast burrito for him,smh.  Hit the jump to see how she reacted towards these charges and the jail time. Steph Bassanini

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