(Photo) G Move! Frank Ocean Pays Chipotle’s Lawsuit…And Leaves Them With A NICE Parting Message

Late last week, popular Mexican food chain Chipotle brought suit against Frank Ocean, after they paid him $212,500 to do a song for one of their commercials, and it never materialized. The Odd Future singer did not want to use their logo on the ads (um, it IS their commercial though, bud…), so they never ended up seeing eye-to-eye. The lawsuit was for the exact amount they’d paid him, and now, they’ll be getting the cash back. However, not without some parting words! Frank just posted a photo of the check he sent to the company on his Tumblr account, with quite a lovely message in the ‘For’ memo section: “F*** OFF.” Nice! The check has not reached Chipotle yet, but in a statement to TMZ, they said they’re “grateful” he is sending their money back, and added, “Thanks, Frank.” Now on to more important topics – WHEN ARE WE GETTING NEW FRANK OCEAN MUSIC?!

(Photo) Rihanna Undergoes Scrutiny For Wearing ‘Inappropriate’ Shoes During Performance & Flooding Luxury Hotel Room! (Check The Pics!)

Rihanna reportedly forgot to turn off the water in her $3,100 a night suite in London, flooding her rooms and leaving the carpets a soggy mess. The drama unfolded after the good girl gone bad ­appeared on ‘X Factor’ performing in shoes that were later deemed inappropriate. Hit the jump for more info and to find out the controversy behind her shoes!

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