(Video) Man Loses Testicles After Police Knees Him In Groin

My stomach hurt just ping this. A Law student in New MExico lost his testicle after a police officer kneed him in the groin. Jeremy Martin was pulled over Friday after police said he ran a stop sign. When Martin refused to sit on the curb during several field sobriety test, the officer kneed him causing his testicle to shatter. Why would one man do that to another man? That’s breaking guy code! Read more after the jump.

LOL News Of The Day: Prison Inmate Suing What Celebrity Couple For $2.4 Billion Dollars!?

I’m going to need y’all to stop with these get rich quick schemes. A prison inmate is suing a laundry list of celebrities for 1. Being in the Illuminati and 2. stealing his music. How they stole his music you ask? Through satellites in space. Check out the full article after the jump to find out who he is suing.

Man Killed After Defending Woman From Attack In NJ

Killed for doing the right thing. A Man in Jersey City, NJ was killed last week after he defended a woman getting attacked by a drunk man in front of a deli. 25 year old, Darren Tallington, was shot after he defended a woman that was hit with a beer bottle by a drunk man. He was shot in the stomach and pronounced dead a few hours later. Read more of the sad story after the jump.

R.I.P : DJ EZ Rock Died

DJ EZ Rock, DJ of the famous duo Rob Base and DJ EZ Rock has passed away. He is most famous for the hit 1988 single “It Takes Two”. Details are still scarce of the cause of death. Rest well, my man.

14 Teenage Boy Beats Up 87 Year Old Woman

I’m not sure what story is worse, this one or the lady who is suing the family of the boy she killed. A 14 year old in California robbed and beat up a 87 year old woman ! Really son, really!? Smh read more below.

A 14-year-old boy charged with brutally beating an 87-year-old woman at a senior housing facility was arrested following a dayslong search in California, authorities said. The assault occurred during an apparent robbery at the Camelot Independent Living complex in the Riverside County city of Hemet, police said.

Seriously though he really went into a nursing home and beat up a senior citizen ?! Smh he needs to be charged as an adult. Read more here Stefan B

Woman Sues The Family Of Boy SHE Killed

Talk about no morals, a woman in Toronto who hit and killed a 17 year old a few years ago is now SUING the family of the boy SHE killed. And get this, for emotional trauma SHE faced. The woman is suing for 1.2 million dollars. How dare you kill someone child and theN demand they pay you, smh read more of this story below.

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