(Photos) Poor Girl – Drake Sits Poolside With A Couple Chicks And Pays One NO Mind

Damn near every woman would love a piece of Drake, and the way he’s catching bodies out here, a lot of women feel they have the chance to be the next woman being name-dropped on a Drizzy song. Unfortunately for one woman alongside the OVO rapper while poolside in Miami recently…this wasn’t her time. Check out the hilarious photos in the gallery.

(Photos) Pimpin Ain’t Easy! Drake’s DAD Grabs The Lady Lumps Of A Young Thot!

Well, now we see where Drizzy gets it from! As much as Drake loves these h*es, it comes as no surprise that his daddy does too. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, huh? Check out the latest photo of Mr. Graham in the gallery. Too funny!

(Photos) LOL! Drake Takes Instagram On A Hilarious Walk Down Memory Lane

Drake was having a little fun on Instagram last night, and decided to make his own personal memes out of hilarious photos of some of our favorite stars from the 00’s. Take a hilarious trip down memory lane in the gallery with TQ, Lil Zane, Marques Houston and more. (I wonder what TQ and Zane are up to these days…LOL!)

(Photos) LMAOOOO! Twitter Goes IN On Nya Lee Memes During #LHHNY

Nya Lee is definitely an interesting character on Love & Hip-Hop New York, our favorite weekly display of ratchetry that just wrapped up their reunion show on VH1. With every episode comes those beloved memes on social media, and this week – they’re top notch, comparing Nya to a variety of actors, rappers, ball players, cartoon characters…all males, and all HILARIOUS! Be prepared to chuckle when you the hit the gallery!

(Photos) LMAO, People Are So Rude! Look What Happened While Rihanna Was On The Beach!

Rihanna is home with family in Barbados for the holidays, but she can’t even get peace and quiet on her own turf! The Bad Gal took a trip to the beach for some relaxation while in her native country…and look what happened in the gallery. LMAO!

(Photos) LMAO SO True! The Top Absolute Worst Things In The World!

This is one of those lists that will you you smiling and nodding your head at every photo like, “Oh my gosh! YASSS!” Check out the “absolute worst things” in the world in the gallery.

(Photos) LMAO Drake Is WILD! WTF Is He Doing In This Pic?!

Drake was a surprise guest this weekend at Atlanta’s annual Birthday Bash concert, and while gracing the red carpet for an interview, he got pretty crazy with one of Hot 107.9’s radio personalities! What the heck is he doing? LOL! Those Timbs don’t make the photo any better! Add your own caption for the pic in the comments, and check out some more photos of Drizzy at Birthday Bash 18 in the gallery.

(Photos) Drake Continues To Poke Fun At Himself On Instagram

As you’ve undoubtedly seen by now, Drake memes have taken over Instagram since last night. The pictures all involve Drake from the “No New Friends” video shoot (above), Photoshopped into various hilarious situations. We showed you some of our favorites earlier, but it looks like Drizzy has a couple of his own faves as well! So glad he can take a joke and poke fun at himself. After sharing the soccer meme a little while ago, Drake then took to his Instagram again to share another. Kudos to the creators of both of those! Check out which other meme he liked in the gallery.

(Photos) Soooo Cute! Stevie J & Mimi Faust’s Daughter Does The “Stevie J Face”

The “Stevie J face” has become synonymous with Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta, with many fans and even celebs showing off their version of it on their social networks. Now another person has perfected the face…and it’s the cutest one yet! Check out Mimi and Stevie’s daughter Eva’s impression of her daddy in the gallery!

(Photos) The Top 5 Love & Hip-Hop Season 3 Memes

As season 3 of Love & Hip-Hop comes to an end (the final half of the reunion airs on Monday), I have looked over the dozens of memes created about the cast and their actions since the season began, and compiled my list of the top 5. Check which ones made the cut, and share your other favorites with us on Twitter!

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