Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime Could Blow The Competition Away!!

IFWT_Samsung GS5

The Newest update to the Galaxy S5 is rumored to be the Galaxy S5 Prime, which could deliver some serious fast download speeds. The Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime features download speeds of up to 225Mbps. If this rumor is true, according to CNET’s sister site ZDNet korea, the S5 Prime has a download speed 3x’s the theoretical maximum download speeds of 75Mbps. Thats ridiculous! Lets hope the rumors are true.

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(Video) Samsung’s NEW Galaxy S5, Galaxy Gear 2, & Galaxy Fit!!!

IFWT_Samsung unpacked 2014

Samsung hit Spain with what they consider their most innovative products yet, the NEW GS5, Gear 2, and Galaxy Fit!!

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Walmart Will Soon Offer You How MUCH For Your Old Phone??

Walmart worker accused of sexual attack

Starting September 21st, Walmart and Sam’s Club will roll out a new program which credits customers up to $300 for their used smartphones. The credit will go towards the purchase of a new one.

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(Photos) Damn Apple…Samsung Releases Golden Flip Phone?!!!


Ummm, before everyone that got excited when we 1st posted on Samsung would be releasing a flip, gets even more excited cause it’s gold and out, this ain’t that,it’s only in Samsung’s home country, S. Korea. But, Hit and See anyway!

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Samsung Lied About What??

samsung galaxy s4 international benchmark

Samsung recently came out with a new version of the popular Galaxy S4 for international markets. The updated phone, powered by a new processor, boasted impressive performance. Samsung got caught in a lie about the performance of the new phone, though, after basically gaming a piece of software to show the phone as faster than it actually is. Read more for how exactly they pulled this off – and how they got busted.

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WHAT Did Samsung Say About The MCHG App!?!?!


At 12am July 4th, Samsung Galaxy users waited patiently for the app to open up in order to download the free Jay-Z new album Magna Carta Holy Grail the company promised them. Well the app crashed and majority of the users couldn’t download the music.

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Samsung Introduces Galaxy Tab 3 Tablets!!!

Galaxy Tab 3

Samsung today, announced three new tablets will be coming out soon. The tablets are part of the Galaxy Tab 3 family, which included a 7 inch, 8 inch and 10.1 inch devices.

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Samsung Will Announce New Android And Windows Devices WHEN????


An invite was sent out from Samsung announcing that the company will be revealing new Android Galaxy and Windows Ativ devices. This will take place at an event on June 20th.

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Samsung Launches A New WHAT??

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

Samsung announced today it will be launching the third generation of its seven-inch tablet, called the Galaxy Tab 3. The Tab 3 will be a budget tablet will be less than $200 and weighs less than a pound.

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New Reports Say No Eye Tracking Technology With Galaxy IV!!!


We hit the first bump in the road with Samsung’s Galaxy SIV. Now the word is The US will not get the eye tracking technology and will not have a 8 core processor. According to Bloomberg “the Galaxy S IV will not include the feature at launch, although it may appear in “future versions of the phone.” Samsung will instead use a simpler head-tracking technology that will have the ability to pause videos when a user turns away from the screen” Does this mean the GS IV will be a disappointment in the US, probably since all the details have’nt been released and Samsung could have more tricks up their sleeve.

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