(Video) Pops Off!!! Father Slaps Son On Camera For Trying to Join A Gang

Pops Off!!! Father Slaps Son On Camera For Trying to Join A Gang in a rant and 2 minute square-up that’s deep on a lot of levels. And “If anyone has a problem, they can come see him!”

Thug Life: Shots Fired From Drive-By Right Outside Of N.W.A. Biopic Filming!

The filming for N.W.A.’s upcoming biopic has already kicked off in South Central, Los Angeles (it’s only right.) As the crew was filming inside of the Compton Courthouse, shots rang out outside of the location and according to eyewitnesses, it was the REAL deal (NOT actors.) Although the police do not believe the shooters were targeting the filming crew, a nearby civilian did get hit by the gunfire and collapsed. Luckily, the victim survived. The filming will resume this week in yet another rough area of Compton although members of the crew are worried for their safety. The shooting is still under investigation by the L.A.P.D.

(Video) Lil Wayne Gets Confronted By Angry Crips While Leaving Supperclub With Christina Milian In L.A.

As YMCMB head honcho Lil Wayne made his exit from the famous Supperclub in Los Angeles with Christina Milian, a bunch of Crips made their presence known. Being that Wayne is very vocal about his gang-related life, it’s no surprise that things like this happen. Luckily, Weezy’s security escorted him into his car before the altercation escalated and got physical. Check out the video below.

Chris Brown Is NOT Gangbanging, But The Bloods Are Cool With Him Repping Their Set!

Chris Brown’s behavior is often unexplainable and very odd, but once he started throwing up gang signs and tagging up walls with Fruit Town Piru stuff, he just completely through us all off. However, the Bloods aren’t mad at Chris for his gang repping ways because according to them, although he’s no gangbanger– he does enough for them to make it OKAY to rep their set. There’s a few reason why Breezy is down: 1) he comes to the hood on a regular basis to kick it with the homies 2) he has donated thousands of shoes to poor Compton children 3) he’s hired numerous Bloods to work for him (doing what we’re not sure) 4) he shot a video in their neighborhood and had them in the shoot.

(Video) HOLDUP, Is Chris Brown Fresh Out Of Prison Throwing Up Gang Signs?!

Breezy has recently been released from prison and he’s already getting drunk and acting a fool. However, he might be reaching all new lows after a videographer caught him throwing up gang signs in the club at the BET Awards afterparty at Playhouse in Hollywood. He was already caught tagging up walls in Hawaii and reppin’ the specific Fruit Town Piru set of the gang and he was doing the same at the club by throwing up gang signs. Word on the street is also that a bunch of Fruit Piru gang members lived with Breezy before he got carted off to rehab/prison. WELP, there goes his chance of staying on the straight and narrow… SMH! Get it together, Chris! Peep the video of CB’s gang signs below.

Jeremy Meeks, AKA Model Mugshot Guy’s, Manager Is Getting Death Threats From Who?!

Well, with all this attention he’s been getting in the media, it was only a matter of time until he saw some negative backlash. I mean, despite being a convicted felon the man has been being treated as if he’s God. But now, things aren’t looking too good. Jeremy Meek’s newly hired manager has been receiving threatening phone calls where she’s being told she deserves to die! It is a little crazy that Meeks is getting the shine he’s getting but I think death to his manager is going a tad bit over board. Find out who’s making these harassing calls after the jump!

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