(Photo) LOL: Gary Owen Thanks Fans For Being Traded For Stacey Dash In Honor Of Black History Month

Following Stacey Dash’s declaration that Black History Month should be cancelled right along with the BET network, the internet came to the conclusion that she would be traded for someone who’s not only white but “woke” to the importance of having these celebrations of black culture. In a hilarious meme, Dash was traded for none other than comedian Gary Owen who took great pride in the news. Upon seeing the meme, he wrote on IG “Is everyone ok with this trade? Let me know so I can call my publicist & get a statement prepared.” Clearly, everyone seemed to be okay with the trade because Owen posted a hilarious statement to celebrate his first Black History Month, poking fun at Stacey Dash yesterday. Hit the jump for more.

(Video) Comedian Gary Owens Apologizes To The Game For Stitches ‘On Behalf Of White People’

The Miami based internet troll, Stitches finally got what was coming to him last week in a series of unfortunate events. First, he was knocked TF OUT by The Game’s manager, then arrested and allegedly jumped by his own crew. These incidents however terrible they may seem, have gotten Stitches exactly what he wanted to start with, which seemed to be some buzz on the net. However, now that he’s got our attention, the wanna-be rapper is getting clowned. Following the drama between Stitches and The Game, comedian Gary Owen issued a public apology to the West Coast rapper on ‘behalf of white people’ saying he is not a representation of all white people. Check out the funny clip below.

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