(Photos+Video) Anti-Gay Pastor on Gay Website


A Michigan pastor who has publicly opposed gay marriage has been caught soliciting sex from men on a gay website.

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NFL: Michael Sam Is Once Again A Professional Football Player


The Montreal Alouettes of the Canadian Football League announced Friday that they have signed Sam to a two-year deal. Sam spent parts of last season with the St. Louis Rams and Dallas Cowboys, but did not play a regular-season snap for either team.

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(Video) Gay Couple Knocked Out With A Chair In NYC Restaurant!


A heated argument in a BBQ restaurant in the Chelsea section of New York City led to violence. Two men were hit with a wooden chair, for reasons unknown by the public at this point. Investigations are underway, as some believe this may be a hate crime. The two men, who were struck by the chair, were a couple. Check out the video!

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(Photo/Video) Does Marvel Have A Gay Superhero?


Warning: Spoiler! One of X-Man originals superheroes finds out he’s gay by time traveling.

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NFL: Michael Sam Says There Are Currently Many Gay Players In The NFL, Including Some Famous Stars


Michael Sam became the first gay player associated with the NFL to come out publicly and declare who he is before the media could. According to Sam however, he quickly found out he was far from the first gay player in the league. Although he isn’t naming names, Michael Sam is saying there are currently many gay players in the league who have decided to remain in the closet.

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(Photos) Star Wars Universe Gets Its First Gay Character

Star Wars Gets First Gay Character

The latest to jump on the diversity train is a well known and legendary series, but does this move make much sense past politics? Praise and criticism erupt as the Star Wars Universe Gets Its First Gay Character!

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(Video) Empire Ratings Plummet After “Gay” Kiss Scene

Empire Ratings Drop After "Gay" Kiss

They say “you can’t please everyone all the time,” but creators continue to champion the direction of the hit show which has been a ratings revival for the FOX Network. While Empire Ratings Plummet After “Gay” Kiss Scene some say the bump in ‘success’ is somewhere between ‘the eye of the beholder’ and ‘a change ‘gon come.’ What do you think?

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(Photos) NFL: Michael Sam Gets Engaged To Long Time Boyfriend


Michael Sam is still trying to get back into the NFL, but in the mean time his personal life is moving right along. Sam reportedly got engaged to Vito Cammisano, his boyfriend for a while and the same guy Sam famously kissed on draft day.

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Man Says He’s Been “Gay Bashed” On Instagram By WHICH Famous Rapper?!

Snoop Dogg

Rapper Snoop Dogg just cannot seem to stay out of trouble on social media. The West Coast OG posted a picture of a gay man that says, “whose auntcle is this?” and apparently word got back to the man ASAP, causing mass hysteria. The comment sections were blowing up with mean comments calling the man a “shemale,” “fa**ot,” “confused” and more mean things. The man in the photo says he tried to report the offenseive pic numerous times but five days later, it is still up. Since that didn’t work, he claims he’s going to his lawyer and plans to sue Snoop for everything he’s got. Now in all seriousness, the post was just another funny meme and I’m sure Snoop meant no harm by it, but we tend to forget these people in these memes we post are REAL life human beings. Interested to see how this will pan out in court. Head over to the gallery to see the post.

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(Video) NFL: Umm What?! Country Singer on ESPN Says Jerry Jones and Chris Christie are Gay Lovers!


This isn’t the first time NJ Governor Chris Christie attended a Dallas Cowboys game but the celebration he shared with Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, has everyone talking.  This past Sunday, the Cowboys beat the Detroit Lions 24-20, moving on from the Wild Card round to face the Green Bay Packers in the Divisional Round.  Following the very intense and controversial win, Christie and Jones shared a bro hug along with dancing and high fives.  Apparently it was a little suggestive to this person.

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