(Video) Yung Berg Talks Not Respecting Ray J, Gay Allegations & More On ‘Sway In The Morning’


“I got all the answers,” says Yung Berg. In a very insightful interview with on Sway in the Morning, the Deserve producer is more than willing to fill in the holes of stories that involve his homosexuality and domestic violence allegations.

Check it out down bottom.

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(Video) No Labels! Raven-Symone Tells Oprah That She’s Not An, “African-American!”


Oprah was gearing up to stop the taping! During her latest sit-down for, Where Are They Now? Oprah has child-star Raven Symone in the hot seat and boy-oh-boy did she make some interesting statements.

Oprah asks Raven about her sexuality and whether or not she wants to be labeled, “gay.” The answer turns into an entirely different topic.

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(Video) Shots Fired: Young Thug Responds To Being Called Gay!

Young Thug

There have been tons of gay rumors flying around about Young Thug. However, after he referred to Rich Homie Quan as his “hubby” via his IG and posted a flick rockin’ nail polish, it was a wrap.com since then. The Stoner artist put out a 16 second video clip addressing his sexuality and about people running their mouths about him. UH OH! (And luckily, we did NOT need translation to watch it. Don’t worry, I was a little nervous, too.) Peep what Young Thug had to say below!

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(Video) Cassidy Say’s WHO Is Gay? And He Refuses To Battle Them?


In an exclusive sit-down with Philly Rapper Cassidy, VLADTv explored why he does not want to battle Daylyt. Cassidy made it very clear that he’s not fond of him and said “I Don’t Want to Battle a Gay Ni**a.” Daylyt has been in the publics eye a lot lately for saying some controversial things. Daylyts most recent stunts included stripping to his boxers at the Total Slaughter rap event where he was beaten by T-Rex, and admitting in a previous VladTV interview that he “would F*CK Diddy..” It is unclear whether or not Daylyt is doing this for attention, but Cassidy is totally unflattered. Catch the whole interview after the jump.

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(Video) Joan Rivers Says President Obama Is Gay, Calls The First Lady A ‘Tranny’

new details about joan rivers last days

Joan Rivers is certainly not afraid to tell us how she really feels, and is no stranger to controversy. According to her, President Obama is gay, and “we all know” Michelle Obama is transgender.

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(Video) Awkward! Apple’s Tim Cook Gets Outed As ‘Openly Gay’ CEO During CNBC Broadcast


Ok some of you are not going to agree with this, but as a techie, I could give 2 sh*ts if Tim Cook is gay or not, just cause it’s NOT my cup of tea doesn’t mean I or you have any right to worry about where Tim is doing with his personal time. With that being said, although Tim has the right to keep his sexuality to himself, was it so bad that this MSNBC ‘newscaster’ spoke on his preference??

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(Video) Dude Expresses His Feelings On White Rappers & Gays In Hip-Hop.. Do You Agree With Him?


First of all, YOU MAD OR NAH?! A dude recorded a video of his thoughts on homosexuality and white rappers in Hip-Hop. Piggybacking off Lord Jamar and his billion rants, this guy goes in and voices his opinion. Do we agree with him? ( I personally don’t but he makes some interesting points.) Check it out and let us know what you think on these issues below.

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(Photos) Antoine Dodson Says He’ll Do What If Son Turns Out Gay??!

It is apparent that the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree, so I’m not surprised these thoughts crossed Antoine Dodson’s mind: He said if his newborn son turns out to be gay he’d still love him … but he’d do his best to change him and make him straight. Interesting… check out what else he had to say!

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(Video) Nasir Flemming Makes Local History Becoming The First Gay Teen To Be Named Prom Queen


A teen from Connecticut is making many people proud this week after being named the first gay Prom Queen. While Nasir does identify as a male he says this win is a stance against transphobia. This 17 year old hopes to make people more accepting of transgenders as he wears his rhinestone crown.

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(Video) ‘Party Monster’ Murderer Tells All After Being Released


Michael Alig, also known as the infamous ‘Party Monster’, served a 17 year prison sentence after murdering a fellow Club Kid co founder, and friend Angel Melendez. Alig took to Huffington Post to discuss his opinions on sexuality including the acceptance of Gays from the 90’s till now, his remorse for the murder, and more. Check out the clips below.

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