(Video) Mimi Faust Reveals That She Is Now Dating A Woman


Love & Hip-Hop got really juicy tonight! Stevie J’s baby mother, Mimi Faust, dropped a bomb on us. She revealed that she has turned a new leaf and is now dating a woman. A lot of us were not expecting that one.

(Photo) Shemar Moore Goes Off On Instagram Saying He Is NOT Gay


Lawddd, somebody done pissed Shemar Moore all the way off. He has just exploded on Instagram after all the gay allegations.

NFL: Michael Irvin Says Everybody Goes After Odell Beckham Jr. With Gay Slurs All Season

IFWT_Odell Beckham jr

If you’re active on social media then you’ve seen tons of videos, pictures and jokes insinuating that Odell Beckham Jr. is gay.  The New York Giants wide receiver often posts videos of himself dancing on his Instagram account and people have deemed some of the things he does as “suspect”.  That’s why (to me) it’s no surprise that the people around Beckham say he was particularly perturbed during the Giants game against the Panthers because Carolina’s players hit him with homophobic slurs.  Trash talking is commonplace in sports and with insinuations like that already flying around, it’s pretty easy to come up with insults for OBJ.

NBA: Referee Reveals He’s Gay After Rajon Rondo Suspended For Calling Him ‘F**king Faggot’

IFWT_Rajon Rondo Bill Kennedy

Rajon Rondo has been trying to rehab his image but it took another major blow.  The Sacramento Kings point guard was suspended for one-game after an investigation revealed he launched homophobic slurs at an NBA referee.  That veteran referee Bill Kennedy has now come out to the public, revealing that he is gay.

(Video) Rich Homie Quan Goes OFF Throwing Shade At Young Thug; Young Thug Responds


One fan’s attempt to get closer to Rich Homie Quan during a concert turned into a war of words between Rich Homie and a fellow Atlanta native, Young Thug. The scene played out like this; RHQ was about to slow things down for the ladies during the show, but when a male fan bombarded him near the stage and attempted to grab him, Quan exploded into a full blown rant saying, “I don’t f**k with no f**kin’ f*gs…looking’ like Young Thug…get the f**k away from me. ” As soon as the clip hit the net, it went viral and it was only a matter of before Young Thug saw it for himself. Thugger then proceeded to throw shots back at Quan on Twitter, even making a possible treat, “Homie yo lil career almost OV !!!” Hit the jump for more.

(Video) Boxing: Gay Boxer Yusaf Mack: ‘My Interest Are Trannys, I Love Trannys’

IFWT_Yusaf Mack

Philly boxer Yusaf Mack is out and proud.  His ordeal began when friends found out he appeared in a gay porno with two other men.  Mack initially said he was drugged and didn’t willingly participate.  When the porn company Dawg Pound USA threatened to sue him, he finally came out and admitted initially that he was bisexual and later that he is full on gay.  Now that the truth is out, Mack is being more open about his sexuality.

(Video) Boxing: Adrien Broner Says Young Thug Isn’t Gay, They’ve Messed With the Same Women; Thug Responds

IFWT_Adrien Broner

During an interview with Vladtv, Adrien Broner was discussing his very brief battle rap career.  He touched on the subject of Daylyt; Broner felt the things he says indicated he’s gay.  The conversation soon switched to Young Thug who’s been accused by many people of also being gay.  Well Broner wasn’t having it and made it clear that Young Thug isn’t gay at all.  Broner broke down why Young Thug isn’t gay and why he does the controversial things and it makes sense.

(Video: Boxing: Yusaf Mack Goes From Claiming He Was Drugged To Do Gay Porn To Throwing “Coming Out” Party


Yusaf Mack must have figured there was no point in trying to stop a locomotive. That locomotive just happened to be the story about his gay past and all the evidence that accompanied it. It was discovered that Mack did some gay porn years back but his version was he was drugged to do it and didn’t even remember what he did. Eventually that story was weak so he gave in and just came clean, admitting that although he has 10 children with 6 different women, he is gay. He even went as far as to throw a party to celebrate his new life.

(Video) Boxing: Yusaf Mack Admits He’s Gay & His Daughter Told Him to Kill Himself

IFWT_Yusaf Mack

Yusaf Mack is finally coming clean and declares that he’s gay.  The Philly boxer was discovered in a porno with two men.  When news spread, Mack came up with a story saying he was drugged on the set and didn’t willingly participate in a gay porno.  The porno company Dawg Pound USA threatened to sue Mack and he decided to come clean, saying he’s bisexual.  Now in an exclusive interview with Fox 29, Mack decided to be totally truthful.

NFL: Man Who Claimed To Have Gay Relationship With Kordell Stewart Admits He Made The Whole Story Up


The threat of a lawsuit made Andrew Caldwell change his tune real fast. Not long after Kordell Stewart said he was filing a lawsuit against Caldwell for damaging his reputation with lies about a gay romance, Caldwell came clean and admitted his entire story was false.

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