NCAA: Derrick Gordon Announces He’s Gay; 1st Openly Gay Player in Division 1 Men’s Basketball

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Massachusetts sophomore G Derrick Gordon comes out as first openly gay player in Division I men’s basketball.  He shared his story with ESPN.  Hit the jump to see what he had to say…

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(Video) Honey Maid Gives Awesome Comeback To Anti-Gay Commercial Lash-back!


The Honey Maid graham cracker company recently released a diversifying commercial advertising love and all types of families, including gay couples. The commercial quickly received back-lash from anti-gay groups, including One Million Moms and the American Decency Association. Honey Maid has given back their own form of back-lash in the form of Love; check it out below!

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NBA: Brooklyn Man Suing Rockets — Says Players Taunted Him in Locker Room

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Uh-oh, the Rockets could be in some trouble if these accusations are true.  A Barclays Center food service worker is suing over an incident that happened at the Barclays in Brooklyn.  Some of the Rockets players allegedly hurled gay slurs his way while setting up a buffet in the locker room.  Hit the jump for details…

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NBA: Surprised? Jason Collins Says One NBA Player Is Heckling Him For Being Gay


This story does not surprise me at all. For all the love and support Brooklyn Nets player Jason Collins has gotten for coming out and being the first openly gay player to play a major sport in America, there was bound to be ignorant people who didn’t support him as well. According to Collins, one very specific player has continued to hurl slurs and other disrespectful talk towards him. Collins for his part seems to just brush it off but it has to bother him somewhat.

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NFL: What?! Chantel Christie Reveals Why She Stopped Dating Orlando Scandrick! Draya Responds!


Whhhhhy does it always come to this type of rumor?!  If you’ve been keeping up with “Basketball Wives LA” you’ve seen the drama between Jackie Christie, her daughter Chantel & Draya.  Apparently it’s possible that Chantel and Draya dated Cowboys CB Orlando Scandrick at the same time. Draya believes Jackie and her daughter are lying.  Well now Chantel is saying it didn’t work out with Orlando because….he’s gay.  Oh the drama!  Check out what Chantel and Draya had to say about it…

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(Video) NFL: Deion Sanders Says There Was At Least One Gay Player On Every Team He Played For

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Deion Sanders stopped by the “Arsenio Hall” show last night and talked about Michael Sam (the first openly gay NFL prospect).  Prime Time believes that there was at least one gay player on every single NFL team he played on during his career.  I love how positive Deion is.  Check out what else he had to say on the topic…

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Sports: Paula Deen Says She’s Like “That Black Football Player Who Recently Came Out”

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What the f*ck is wrong with this woman?!  REALLY?!  Is there no one advising her?!  She really hasn’t learned anything from her past mistakes.  Paul Deen can relate to ”that black football player who recently came out.”  Yes folks, this is real.  Hit the jump for the story…

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Young Thug’s Friends: “He’s Not Gay, He Just Acts The ‘ATL Way’”

Young Thug

Young Thug is rising to fame as a rap artist with his hit single “Danny Glover,” but his behavior often times is definitely not that of a typical rapper. From wearing dresses with jeans, calling his boys “bae” and “my love,” captioning photos of himself and Birdman with kissing references and intertwining his arms with his newly-freed [from jail] friend to drink their respective cups of lean, a lot of things this guy does makes you raise your eyebrows. Now, there’s nothing wrong with being gay…but the fact he’s so blatant about it but not ever actually “coming out” makes you think that he’s really not, so all of this behavior is just strange. Could he be trolling? Is he really gay and just doesn’t feel the need to address it? Is this just how he really is? Apparently, it’s a mix of the ladder, along with a new movement in the A called the “free thinking movement.” Thugger’s friends say he simply acts gay because that’s the Atlanta way, and that’s what’s cool down there. Uh…I guess. But I can’t say I’ve seen ANYONE else be a part of this movement. Who knows!

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(Photos) Man Comes Clean & Admits Rihanna’s Gay Bashing Comments Were Fake & Photo Shopped!


As dope as Rihanna appears to be, do you think it’s possible she really could mean such a horrific thing? After a fan threw some shade at the “Diamonds” singer via Instagram, BadGalRiRi allegedly clapped back and referenced his sexuality, insinuating that he’s going to hell for being gay. A screen shot surfaced and everthing. However, the man came out and revealed that the picture was indeed a FAKE altered by photoshop. I knew it was too far fetched for Rih to say something so out-landish. Head over to the gallery and check out the whole ordeal for yourself.

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NBA: Report, Brooklyn Nets Considering Signing First Openly Gay NBA Player


Reports have surfaced that as early as today, the Brooklyn Nets could sign Jason Collins to a contract. Normally this would not be news since Collins is pretty washed up, but since Collins was the first player in the history of major sports in America to come out and say he is gay, it obviously makes this a bigger deal. The Nets are considering giving him a 10 day contract to see how it goes and to see how he can help them. His game isn’t much at this point, but because of his size, he may be able to fill in for a few minutes here and there to give Kevin Garnett and some of the other front court players some rest. The Nets worked him out a few days ago and said he was in pretty good shape. Collins played for the New Jersey Nets for the first six years of his career. Hit the jump.

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