(Photo/Video) Celebs React to Kanye West’s ‘Famous’ Visual

Kanye West’s visual for his song “Famous” are beginning to weigh in on the celebrities he ‘featured’ in. There’s a range of mixed emotions, and an emotion we were all not surprised to hear about is how pissed Taylor Swift is.

(Video) Original Selma Protester Refuses To March With George Bush At 50 Year Anniversary

Original Selma Protester Refuses To March With George Bush At 50 Year Anniversary In an exclusive interview a Original Selma Protester explains why she Refuses To March With George Bush At 50 Year Anniversary. Hop into the post for the video , pictures and details !!! #IFWT

(Video) George Bush Speaks On Grand Jury Decision In Eric Garner Case, But What Is He Talking About?

George Bush Speaks On Grand Jury Decision in the Eric Garner case, and Bush is the last person we would expect to comment, but now that he has, what is he talking about?? I get him saying it’s sad, and he’s right, but talking about ‘remembering back to race riots in the 70’s’, what about remembering back to Katrina, and not landing to be with the people?? How about remembering back to stealing the election(twice) by not letting Black people vote in his Brothers state(Gov Jed Bush) of Florida?? And the protests at his inaugural ceremony??

(Photos) The CIA Uses Tupac For A #twitterversary

Ummmm, so I guess cause Pac has kinda been in the news a bit as of late, and whomever runs the covert ‘company'(if you ever watched a spy movie, you know ‘the company is what’s its referred to) has a bit of a sense of humor, I mean they’ve only been up a little over a month and have 670K followers, they seem to be entertaining people.

Mike Myers Says Kanye West ‘Spoke Truth’ During 2005 Hurricane Katrina!

Kanye West’s words of George Bush’s disinterest in “Black People”, rang through the ears of all Americans’ as the Chi-town lyricist stood side by side with actor Mike Myers after tragedy struck NOLA, through Hurricane Katrina. Myers has spoken out close to the 9 year anniversary of the incident and has stated that Ye’ spoke truth, in his controversial speech while on air, during the Telethon. Check out his full response below!

(PHOTO) Sports: That’s A Lot of Power! Check Out Who Was In Jerry Jones’ 2014 NCAA Championship Suite

Love him or hate him, Jerry Jones is a bawse (in more ways than one)!  He brought out some high-profile public figures & star for last night’s NCAA Championship game (they sat with him in his suite).  It definitely had fans talking. Check it out…

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